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Some random gearing questions:

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Viro Melchior



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Had an epic game that was nice and close (55 minutes, came down to who won the last teamfight and pushed). We had half a nexus turret left and all 3 lanes were missing inhibitors. They were down 2 inhibitor turrets and the paired inhibitor, with one lane turret left in the third lane (definitely were outpushing us midgame).

However, I had some questions on gear choices that were made:

1) Why do people build Teemo as raw AD/Aspd? He doesn't do any more damage than other carries (his poison is trivial endgame [26 dmg/shot vs 35 MR], move quick cancelled on champ damage, and one useful skill for a full AD build), has no escape mechanism (move quick is sooo easy to cancel), and his ultimate doesn't make up for all the shortcomings. I find that at least with mild mana regen (seals plus a Nashor's) and maxing cdr, the 66% increase in shroomage doesn't overtax your mana, and actually allows his ultimate to matter (since you have 5 shrooms/minute instead of 3). What reason is there to play a full-carry-Teemo over any other ranged carry (Ezrael, Ashe, Tristana, KogMaw)?

2) Was this Alistar just bad at teamfights, or does an Alistar with this type of build really not make any difference in teamfights? (We could completely ignore him, while Mordekaiser was a FAR bigger threat and just as tough to kill)

3) Is there a strong case for going for the Gunblade before a Zonya's on Kassadin? Is the spell vamp really that vital when you explode in 1.3 seconds after getting caught in Amumu's ultimate? Is there something I'm missing?

4) How often does Sona trigger the Inervating Locket? I haven't played her yet, but this is the first Sona I've seen take it.

5) Why oh why oh why do people insist (especially lategame) on not having Mercury Treads vs a team like ours with significant CC (3 frozen mallets, Teemo shrooms, Xin knockup, Amumu stun + ultimate, Sona stun, and MF's aoe slow)?

They had an amazing Mordekaiser, but we won because of our Amumu's ultimate setting them up for teamfight losses (MF ultimate, with me and Xin picking off their Kassadin, Nidalee, and Teemo in almost no time at all due to glass cannon builds).
Even then, it was close, and if they had a "real" carry instead of carry-Teemo (we *never* got hit by mushrooms during teamfights - only when chasing down a runner, and then only rarely), they probably would have won.