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Dear Riot: RE:Solo-queue

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Queef Stroganoff

Junior Member


Dear Riot,
Your algorithm for matchmaking sucks.


I'm getting tired of going into matchmaking solo and being put on the pre-determined losing team. There needs to be an ELO type system for matchmaking for each person on personal level of skill. Example: A player that always feeds or has a negative kdr consistently be placed with others that have the same skill deficiency. Not four of them on my team and the other team loaded with smurf accounts and pub stars. This was made almost solely to vent after 3 games in a row of feeders and all around first time computer users. I always come out of the game with a positive kdr, so I'm not trying to play the blame game with my team but when I go 3/0/3 and the rest of my team is all 0/6/0 I start to think that maybe I was matched with the wrong players. I often look at the players accounts after the game and see that everyone on my team is on a lose streak, while everyone on the oposing team is on a fantastic win streak.

TL;DR: Fix matchmaking for solo queue.

Thank you.