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Champions Alignment

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I wouldn't put LeBlanc in the bad category... It is unknown what the Black Rose's intentions were, all that is known is that she kept power, however she could. Yes, the lore says her group was "ruthless and seemingly ageless," but how else can an organization keep power in Noxus? Noxians wouldn't respect their power otherwise.

She did what she had to do to keep power. Her alignment, however, is not definitely bad because her intentions were unknown.

Lulu seems to have a shady side of collecting squirrels depicted in all of her artwork... I wouldn't necessarily say she's "good" but perhaps chaotic.

Zilean is trying to save his people, I'd say that's of the good alignment.

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Good and evil are merely points of view. I fail to see how anyone could theoretically be classified as one or the other. Kayle, for example, can be viewed either as a paragon of virtue who bravely defends her people or as a self-righteous dictator who forces her viewpoints upon others. The entire city-state of Demacia (most of whose champions you've listed as "Good&quot enforces strict regulations upon everyone and I would assume is close to a socialistic state. Tryndamere is a bloodthirsty raider from the north who likely has committed atrocities in the Noxian villages he's raided and who essentially is only in the League to seek revenge.

And on the other hand, how can you fault Noxus as being "evil"? They allow ANYONE to rise to power, regardless of social standing, on the basis that they prove themselves to be worthy citizens. They don't tolerate the scum that does nothing for their society except drain its resources. Katarina, for example, is just an assassin doing her job. Does that make her evil? She's likely killed far fewer people than the frontline soldier Jarvan IV. Viktor is another champion that's not evil at all - just utterly focused on science and attempting to advance technology to a point where human beings can be improved.

In all honesty, you can only really put people into good and evil categories based on their values against yours. Pretty much every champion in the League is neutral.

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Ask Tyrant Swain



Lawful Good
The best of the best, the lawful good character acts on the side of goodness, righteousness and order. The warrior who is beholden to a lord or a church, the priest dedicated to healing the wretched - anyone who cannot stand by while others suffer. They will chase evil to the end of the world.
The lawful good character will always strive to do good. However unlike chaotic good, they refuse to go against any laws to pursue said good action. Therefore they will not murder an innocent in sacrifice to a greater cause.

Lawful Neutral
The hater of chaos, a lawful neutral character will stick to the letter of the law, whether it is their personal code of rules, their king's, or their religion's. This character finds chaos as abhorrent as evil and will not bend their personal guidelines even to help another if it will contribute to chaos.

Lawful Evil
A being who gains power through methodically destroying others is lawful evil. Power comes through order, but one can be orderly about slaughtering innocents. Tradition is important, but goodness is not.

Neutral Good
Ultimately a giver, the neutral good character will do what they can to help, working within law or chaos; but ultimately they prefer their own counsel.

True Neutral
A middle-of-the-road character, a neutral character finds it difficult to fit into any other distinction. They do what seems to be a good idea, whether it flows with law or chaos, good or evil. Often a follower and at times superb leaders, they'll rarely go against the group.

Neutral Evil
A neutral evil character serves only their own needs/ends. They follow no law but also have no drive toward chaos. They kill or steal as they see fit to get what they want.

Chaotic Good
The hero of the downtrodden, the chaotic good character cares not for laws and order but only for doing good. If they must break the law to help others, they will do so without compunction. This character will steal to feed a poor family or stand up to their own master to defend a falsely accused servant.

Chaotic Neutral
The true individual, the chaotic neutral character prizes their own freedom above all else. They do not want ties to either good or evil to influence them, preferring to make their own way as they see fit. Most chaotic neutral care nothing for people in their groups, have little to no allegiances, caring only for themselves

Chaotic Evil
With the drive of pure hatred, the chaotic evil character will do whatever they can to attain their goals. They are bound by no laws, no master and no compassion. While unlikely to run down the street slaying innocents (chaotic evil does not mean stupid), this character would have no regrets about doing so.

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darius is not bad...he just respect all sort of power...even his enemies

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Melancholy Exile

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Eat Orange Be K:
Trundle is arguably Messianic level good. The fact that his backstory revolves around self-sacrifice and taking on fatalistic curse, and voluntarily submitting himself to some truly over-the-top body horror already should put his very nature at sterling.

You trollin'?

Trundle took on the curse of his people because he wanted their acceptance, yes, but also because he was lost in youthful fantasies of "the riches and comfort he would enjoy as they lauded his sacrifice". It wasn't some purely selfless act he did for the greater good.

Worse still, when he learned that the absence of the diseases that had ravaged their bodies would condemn his tribe to a rapid extinction, he chose to "Let them suffer" instead of returning the curse to them. Trundle gladly delivered his people a death sentence, rather than choosing to play the martyr a second time.

He's more chaotic neutral than anything.

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for the whole Kayle is evil and Morgana is good RAR people: I give you the names of each champion's respecive ultimates- Kayle - Divine Intervention, Morgana - Soul Shackles
Kayle may be almost dictator-like, but she wants people to know they are safe. Morgana, after reading her lore, appears slightly more on the evil/ I'll do anything to bring down my sister side then Kayle does. Same with Xerath, he isn't inherently evil, but all he wants is more power and isn't unwilling to destroy almost an entire civilization to gain more power.

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But... Morgana has a bakery, the goods of which even Demacians verily enjoy. How can she possibly be evil?

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Acid Alligator



The thing that I like about League of Legends is that it's extremely hard to classify characters as one thing.

Kayle and Morgana, for example, seems to be a large debate. Rather than classifying them as Lawful Good and stuff like that, it's pretty much the fact that people are good and evil. There's evil in Kayle, there's good in Morgana, and vice versa.

And then there are the champions who can't help themselves, such as Renekton and Vladimir. Renekton is evil now, yes, but in his lore, he tried to have Nasus execute him before it was too late. And then you have Vladimir, who joined the league to satiate his bloodlust while not actually killing people.

On the subject of Trundle, I'd go Chaotic Neutral, like a lot of other people here. I'd say he was once good, but after being stomped on and treated like dirt for what he did for his people, he's now looking after himself.

And as for champions like Singed and Warwick, I wouldn't say they're necessarily evil- more of neutral, if anything. They don't go out of their way to be bad- if anything, they're indifferent to the chaos they cause.

Looking at it any way, it's all perspective. Every champ is probably good or evil in some way (except for some like Rammus, for example). For example, the Void champions are probably considered evil by Valoran, but they're probably heroes in the Void.

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One of these threads again heh
Well hello there D&D alignments:

Ahri:Chaotic Neutral
Akali:True Neutral
Alistar:Chaotic Good
Amumu:Chaotic Good
Anivia:Neutral Good
Annie:Chaotic Good
Ashe:Neutral Good
Blitzcrank:True Neutral(Doubt if we can give golems any other alignment)
Brand:Neutral Evil(while fire itself isn't bad, enraged specimen of it IS)
Caitlyn:Lawful Neutral
Cassiopeia:Lawful Evil
Cho'Gath:Chaotic Evil
Corki:True Neutral
Darius:Lawful Evil(A true embodiment of lawful evil character)
Diana:Chaotic Neutral
Dr.Mundo:Chaotic Evil
Draven:Lawful Evil
Elise:Neutral Evil
Evelynn:Neutral Evil(Though chaotic evil seems fitting aswell)
Ezreal:Chaotic Good
Fiddlesticks:Chaotic Evil
Fiora:Lawful Neutral
Fizz:Chaotic Good
Galio:Lawful Neutral(While constucts possess no alignment or are just neutral, I'd classify him with typical Demacian lawful neutral)
Gangplank:Neutral Evil
Garen:Lawful Neutral
Gragas:Chaotic Neutral
Graves:Chaotic Neutral
Hecarim:Neutral Evil
Heimerdinger:True Neutral
Irelia:Lawful Good
Janna:Chaotic Good
Jarvan IV:Lawful Neutral
Jax:True Neutral
Jayce:True Neutral(Possibly lawful neutral)
Karma:Lawful Good
Karthus:Neutral Evil
Kassadin:Neutral Good(No, Kassadin isn't evil as most people think)
Katarina:Lawful Evil
Kayle:Lawful Neutral
Kennen:True Neutral
Kha'Zix:Chaotic Evil
Kog'Maw:Chaotic Neutral(Void creature or not, Kog itself isn't evil)
LeBlanc:Lawful Evil
Lee Sin:Lawful Good
Leona:Neutral Good
Lulu:Chaotic Neutral
Lux:Neutral Good
Malphite:Lawful Neutral(Fights for balance and wishes to destroy chaos)
Malzahar:Chaotic Evil(Traitor of the Valoran's cause)
Maokai:Chaotic Neutral
Master Yi:Lawful Good
Miss Fortune:Chaotic Good(While a lot of people claim she's neutral, mind you she actually fights for her people and wants to put piracy to end)
Mordekaiser:Neutral Evil
Morgana:Chaotic Neutral
Nami:Neutral Good
Nasus:Lawful Neutral
Nautilus:Chaotic Neutral
Nidalee:Chaotic Neutral
Nocturne:Chaotic Evil
Nunu:Neutral Good
Olaf:Chaotic Neutral
Orianna:True Neutral
Pantheon:Lawful Neutral
Poppy:Lawful Neutral
Rammus:True Neutral
Renekton:Chaotic Evil
Rengar:Chaotic Neutral
Riven:Chaotic Neutral(This one really bothers me, she isn't evil but I wouldn't call her necessarily good, she fights for the "better Noxus" but that and her desertion puts her as outlaw therefore lawful alignment doesn't suit her at all)
Rumble:True Neutral
Ryze:Chaotic Good
Sejuani:Lawful Neutral
Shaco:Chaotic Evil
Shen:True Neutral
Shyvana:Lawful Neutral
Singed:Chaotic Evil
Sion:Lawful Evil
Sivir:True Neutral
Skarner:Chaotic Neutral
Sona:Neutral Good
Soraka:Lawful Good
Swain:Lawful Evil
Syndra:Neutral Evil
Talon:Lawful Evil
Taric:Lawful Good(Priest/Paladin champion)
Teemo:Neutral Good
Tristana:Neutral Good
Trundle:Chaotic Neutral
Tryndamere:Chaotic Good
Twisted Fate:Chaotic Neutral
Twitch:Chaotic Neutral
Udyr:Chaotic Neutral
Urgot:Lawful Evil
Varus:Lawful Good(He has some kind of dark side aura, but he fights for a good cause and he has chosen his duty over emotions[protecting temple over his people] therefore he suits as lawful for me)
Vayne:Lawful Good(Some people also tend to classify her as chaotic)
Veigar:Chaotic Evil(Insane)
Vi:True Neutral(She redeemed herself from her previous criminal life but that doesn't make her lawful anyway, especially considering her means of working)
Viktor:Neutral Evil
Vladimir:Chaotic Evil
Volibear:Chaotic Good
Warwick:Chaotic Evil(Burnt with hatred towards Soraka and Ionians probably)
Wukong:Lawful Neutral(follows the principle of Wuju though nothing states he is "good&quot
Xerath:Neutral Evil
Xin Zhao:Lawful Neutral
Yorick:True Neutral(Just does his job)
Zed:Lawful Evil
Ziggs:Chaotic Good
Zilean:Chaotic Good
Zyra:Chaotic Neutral

Uff block of text.

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The Core Augur

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Godly Ray:
Sorting out the alignments between champions (good, neutral & bad). Feel free to help me guys, since I'll probably be wrong with most of them.

Akali, Anivia, Ashe, Caityln, Corki, Ezreal, Fiora, Galio, Garen, Heimerdinger, Irelia, Jarvan IV, Jayce, Karma, Kassadin, Kayle, Kennen, Lee Sin, Leona, Lulu, Lux, Master Yi, Nunu, Poppy, Rumble, Shen, Shyvana, Sona, Soraka, Taric, Teemo, Tristana, Tryndamere, Vayne, Volibear, Wukong, Xin Zhao, Ziggs

Ahri, Alistar, Amumu, Blitzcrank, Evelynn, Gragas, Graves, Janna, Jax, Karthus, Malphite, Nasus, Olaf, Pantheon, Rengar, Renekton, Ryze, Sivir, Skarner, Twisted Fate, Udyr, Varus, Vladimir, Xerath, Yorick, Zilean

Brand, Cassiopeia, Cho'Gath, Darius, Diana, Dr. Mundo, Draven, Fiddlesticks, Katarina, Kog'Maw, Le Blanc, Malzahar, Morgana, Nocturne, Shaco, Singed, Sion, Swain, Syndra, Talon, Urgot, Veigar, Viktor, Warwick

Fizz, Gangplank, Hecarim, Maokai, Ms. Fortune, Mordekaiser, Nautilus, Nidalee, Orianna, Rammus, Riven, Sejuani, Trundle, Twitch, Zyra

Feel free to assist me with the ones I'm uncertain with.

Fizz: Neutral. He enjoys life, and that's his entire schtick. He's looking for a place to belong.

Gangplank: Evil. His old Raise Morale required him to kill a minion, which, given minions are just constructs, still says plenty on his moral character. Also, he kills subordinates.

Hecarim: Decidedly evil. Read his Lore. He came here, killed everything around him, then said nothing could stand against the forces of the Shadow Isles.

Maokai: He is a force of nature. As such, he cannot be said to be constrained by our views of right and wrong. He's certainly neutral, but his morality is more blue and orange than black and white.

Miss Fortune: Good/Neutral. She's in it for the money, but her intentions are pure. She wants to make Bilgewater a good place.

Mordekaiser: Decidedly evil, even if he does like heavy metal. Hell, the first sentence of his lore says he is a "being of pure agony on a mysterious dread quest". He lives off anguish.

Nautilus: Neutral. He's practically a force of nature and revenge. He's leaning heavily on evil, but he's not doing anything outright cruel to get the information he needs.

Nidalee: Neutral. She only desires the continued existence of her forests - no matter the means.

Orianna: Orianna has no ability to decide her own path. If she does have the capacity for moral understanding, it is still in its infancy. As such, neutral.

Rammus: Neutral. He's friendly, if not exactly outgoing or particularly social. Leaning on good.

Riven: Riven is a recovering evil-doer. At the moment, she is neutral. She is leaning on Good and Evil in equal parts.

Sejuani: Arguably good. She views tradition as tantamount and what Ashe is doing goes against that. In the eyes of her people, she is Good. In the eyes of others, she is Neutral.

Trundle: Arguably good. While rough and tumble, his goal is just. He took his people's curse on himself, and now seeks a way to cure himself. To his race, he is Good. To outsiders, he is probably neutral. Trolls aren't given the benefit of the doubt in most cases.

Twitch: Arguably neutral. His goals are the propagation of what he is - whether this is good or not is unknown. However, he is insane, and he works with Zaun. Neither of which gives him much street cred.

Zyra: Arguably evil. Much like Maokai, she is a force of nature. She is also predatory. She is also new to the world of sentience. Until she learns that eating people is not good, evil.

Kassadin is more neutral than good. Power at any price is not something that the forces of good espouse.

Likewise, Vayne is neutral. She is willing to do whatever it takes to purge the world of evil. She is a crusader, and the epitome of the trope “Light is not Good”.