The case of Trundle: A missed opportunity?

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To add some preface, I would like to clarify a few things. First off, the thread title was meant to grab attention, and there's still plenty of time to see his lore tweaked. Next, I'm not here to nit-pick; not about his visuals, gameplay, skills, voice, or his new character change. I'm not going to compare or contrast him to other champions (remakes, lore, or otherwise). So lets keep this clean and constructive. Riot is FAR more likely to take us seriously if we offer constructive criticism and open-minded feedback as opposed to pointing fingers.

I'm here to voice my concerns that a serious part of Trundle's character progression is being overlooked. Trundle is a fleshed out character (no rotting puns please) who has a devoted fanbase, and an excellent story of origin. His departure and conflict in Freljord should be welcomed as part of something bigger that's coming to the lore of the League-o-verse.

So to clarify, there is nothing wrong with his change. In fact, change is great! Seeing Trundle progress into a new character arc is a great way to go. The problem here is not that he's developing into the role of the ice-wielding Troll King, the problem is that his original origins are being trashed.

I firmly believe that the chance for progressing his character further is being overlooked. Trundle could potentially be one of the few champions in the League who not only finds resolution, but is able to move into a brand new character arc into even more exciting conflict! I don't know about you, but that sounds fantastic to me.

If we happen to get a red response (or just anyone who is able to answer -- and would appreciate sources as well), I think Trundle fans would like to know exactly what it is in Trundle's lore that provided such a challenge to adapt him toward his change. I do believe people would like to explore these options in order to root out the problem, and analyzing these questions could help give us an answer in and of itself:

So, what makes Trundle's lore so difficult to transition him into this new role?

  • His personality?
  • His location?
  • His curse?
  • The Necromancer who gave him the curse?
  • His tribe?
  • His direction?
  • His race?
(If you think of more questions about what makes Trundle's original lore so difficult to use, please post them, and I will add them to the list. This should be treated as an open discussion!)

So, what can be done to give Trundle's lore that development and resolve to transition him into his role of the Troll King of Freljord? I've read through the forums and I feel that there are some facts to keep in mind about Trundle when messing with his lore, based on his judgement (Correct me if I'm wrong on any of these!):
  • Trundle took his tribe's curse upon himself because he was seen as the weak runt of the tribe, and was in fact bullied for it, and taking the curse allowed Trundle to be seen as a hero to his people. Or at the very least created the stigma where they could not bully the one who took their burden.
  • Trundle cannot necessarily be seen as a good guy because he didn't just relieve his tribe of their curse, he also doomed them because the regenerative power became a part of the curse itself. He was given the choice to return their power of regeneration, as well as the curse, but he chose not to, perhaps out of spite. But does this make him a bad guy?
  • His curse cannot be removed without harming himself (by losing his regenerative power), so removing the curse might be more difficult than keeping it.

This is what we have now... Trundle's curse is not just his curse anymore, it is now his power. Not just with his immense regeneration, but his ability to literally use his curse against his enemies. So how can Trundle be seen as powerless anymore? I find it rather wily to use your own affliction against your foes.

Here is just one proposition to how Trundle makes this fantastic transformation while obtaining the resolution he deserves (If you have ideas, please post them!):
  • Trundle's curse cannot be removed, this is for certain, but can it be altered? Perhaps the curse is far more complex than anyone initially thought. The Ice Witch, in all her centuries of knowledge, is able to bewitch Trundle's curse with her power.

If I'm allowed one nit-pick, this is it:
  • Does his giant ice club really need an origin? It just feels like a macguffin to me.

Please keep this an open, friendly, and constructive. We want to welcome Riot into a discussion about this, not turn them away!