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in game dictionary

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Ryushii Cross

Senior Member


My idea is to compile a dictionary of in game terms for newbies, so they don't become overwhelmed and drown in a sea of acronyms and slang terms that us usual's use all the time.

Bird - Refers to Anivia.

- Refers to Gangplank.

- Refers to Amumu.

Card master (CM)
- Refers to Twisted Fate.

- Refers to Evelyn.

- Refers to Katarina.

Creep - Slang to refer to base-spawned minions

Super Creep
- The powerful minions spawned when you destroy an enemy's inhibitor

- A surprise attack on somebody, usually done with a team that outnumbers the target.

- Typically refers to the player who "carries" the party end game, usually the solo. Could also refer to a person who travels with a row of creeps, 'carrying' them to the next turret.

- General MMO term refering to a character or class with a high HP and def rating, designed to take alot of hits while the rest of the team deals with killing the enemies.

Damage per second (DPS)
- General MMO term that refers to characters or classes who specalize in dealing mass damage or fast damage while the tank takes the hits.

- General MMO Term that refers to magic casters, usually squishy and easily killed but deals alot of damage with their skills.

Crowd control (CC)
- Refers to skills that cause status ailments, such as slow, stun, silence, snare, or blind. usually causes your playing ability to be hindered for a short time.

- trying to rapidly use a spell while the chat box is open so you hit the letter of the skill instead of casting it.

feel free to pitch in and i'll actively update this list. perhaps it would be a nice thing to include in future physical copies of the game.

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Knight Kinetik