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Are You Ready For Season 3?

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What are some things you want to see?

-Honor System-
Allow players to build a report in all playlist, including custom games (as you can be reported for custom games, YES, it is still someone's game play experience) then they can go into Ranked and be matched with Honor ratings.

Here is the key to Honor though, everyone should earn Honor in every game and report have a chance to lower Honor for each game played.

There should be an Honor Tribunal, to see if people vote to give you a status of "Honor Streak" so to speak.

But the only person who can grant you this status, has received it before, by a Riot member. But, you are at chance to have a very simple non-abrasive "evaluation" possibly looking at chat logs. There are repeals for mistakes, but there is a rare chance of misuse at this level.

The demographic to get this title are determined by their Actions Per Minute and what they type in chat, possibly note who uses voice with team mates.

So there is a firm process of evaluation. I myself, was swearing a few games a go. Yeah, not enough games in a row to get me on tribunal, but it was happens. Unfortunately. With Honor in place I'm really gonna bite my tongue, literally, a bit.

Honor system you can play in any playlist and get Honor per game and per rating each person one time per how many in game type.

Then get approved after an application and minor evaluation, look more for consistent Actions Per Minute, ping mapping, how many times, responses. Then look at their chat logs.

Determine which words can be filtered and which words are going past the code. Then put them on an "Honor Streak" to where they can vote others in Honor Tribunal to get approved by Riot.

There will be players who get approved by Riot if Riot chooses to do further evaluations to check for positive player attitude and feedback to the community.

Thus establishing an Honor Tribunal for select players who show good attitude and abide the Summoner's Code.

Promote the Summoner's Code more and maybe update it and the page, but keep the original in mind but make it more accessible on the front page.

Get a report of Honor system, do minor evaluations, even have Guilds for Riot employees to interact with and work with. Even if every has a bad game.

We all have a few bad games (very few, at least when it comes raging back at trolls), right?

ily, **** yolo, love is forever

Thanks for reading!

-New Items-
**** yeah bring it on lol

-More Champion Adjustments-

Most recent would be Cho and MF.

I'll think of some more stuff.

EDIT: Honor Tribunal should mainly be monitored by a select few who reach a tier of Honor Points and mainly Riot Employees maintain it.