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What's the secret to TT

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I've been playing all this time, appx 2 years or too long to remember at least. and I think i've played on Treeline MAYBE 10 times. (but it might be more like 8 times)

And it's not exactly available for practice against bots. anyone got any tips that aren't already in the guides? So what's the secret to winning? Go Tank? Be extra patient? Jungle? Get the Dragon/Elder buffs?

P.S. I'll end up playing as either Olaf or Olaf

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jungle buffs+dragon>champion kills

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Alpha Q23

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I've noticed that unless you have a solid teem, being a tank isn't really helping your team in TT. When I go shen I usually go tank but sometimes I would either use AP or AD as well and do fine. Tanky Bruisers seem to be favorites in this mode.

And again unless with a solid team comp squishies seem less favorable of a pick.

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I main olaf too! I main olaf and my team usually runs Olaf top w/ Kayle Nunu bot.

The secret to top lane (against 1400 elo at least) is to control the jungle (esp. the buffs!). (but if the opponents have a jungler, my bot lane starves their bot laner really hard lol. Kayle and Nunu's combined kiting power is way too strong)
As olaf, I usually harass w/ my Q. Even if you unluckily miss your Qs, you can almost dual anyone up close who has the same summoner spells as you. Jax, sion, renekton, and irelia are pretty hard if you miss your Qs though.
If I can manage to get them out of lane, I will push my wave into their tower to make them lose CS (make sure you're not getting ganked. If you are, escape through north jungle). Don't hit the tower until later (so the tower steals their cs). Instead, jungle a camp, maybe 2 camps and recall.
If I can't make them leave their lane, I will push the wave, giving me time to use my Q and W to take some jungle up top (usually the small camp on my side, I'll do their small camp first too if I'm really ahead) (I'm usually at lvl 3 or 4 before this point). Then i'll recall ASAP and catch their wave incoming to my tower. If they don't push, no problem, just push (make sure you're not getting ganked) and jungle. You can even gank or help out your bot lane.
If you are unsafe in lane (e.g. an incoming gank or your opponent is too strong), then leave and jungle w/ your Q and W.
By rushing lvl1 boots and wriggles, you can easily beat some1 who doesn't jungle, even if you somehow mess up in lane (though as olaf, your Q is quite a strong harass/push). As olaf, you can easily snowball by pushing into the tower then jungling. Your Q pushes really fast.
If you at least have Wriggles + Zeal/Phage or something, you can easily grab dragon if all 3 of your opponents are at bot (provided that your bot lane can hold them off).

Edit: If you're low while taking the buffs at a low level. Leave immediately if you suspect your opponent(s) are heading towards the buffs.
The huge difference between 3v3 and 5v5 is that in 5v5, pushing is dangerous as you could get ganked by the jungler. In 3v3, however, pushing lets you have time to jungle or gank.

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Tiberius Steele

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jungle buffs+dragon=champion kills