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Arilian, Queen of the Elements Redux v2.0

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Lord Kyleshorse

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Hey, thanks for reviewing Cain. Thought I would return the favor.

Innate: I find this to be quite interesting, though considering how it's able to scale higher and higher so easily, I recommend changing it to where you need one extra attack to create an additional elemental residue. An example would be if you're at stage 1, you'll need 2 attacks to get to stage 2, 3 attacks to get to stage 3, and so on. I'm not sure if this counteracts anything, but it's just a thought.

Q: I like how versatile this ability is, as well as being able to reduce its cooldown by simply using it more. It also makes the user make sure he puts the cooldown reduction to work by using that first 1 second interval in between the extra effect and the cooldown.

W: I like the synergy you put with this ability an Arillian's E. One question I have is if the totem hit by the W, is it destroyed, or does it still stand?

E: While like the idea of this ability, there's one thing that seems to bug me. How does the totem store damage I doubt that enemies would be attacking it, so does it store damage that you take? If not, might I suggest have it store damage through it getting hit and allow it to taunt nearby minions to attack? This will both allow it do do its job in storing damage as well as positioning minions for you to use your W.

R: I like how this is able to add extra to the other abilities, though I feel a bit iffy on the chance of no damage reduction. Other than that, I love it!

Overall, I like where this concept is going. One suggestion I wish to make for future reference is to change how you set up the opening page. It kinda hurt my eyes just by trying to read this and that's never a good sign. There's plenty of threads to use as base examples, so I greatly recommend trying out different layouts that make the opening page easier on the eyes.

Good luck on getting this concept out there. Believe me, from personal experience, I know how hard it is to get a brand new thread noticed. Luckily, you seem to have a clear idea of what you want your champion to be, so no one will be able to call it out like all the other half baked ideas you might see.

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Innate : I think it would make it interesting but the reason I think it would conflict is that you don't want too much AoE in the beginning so with 2 targets and increase the number of targets affected.

Q : Thank you

W:The totem stays and helps disperse the damage. So No I would not have it destroyed if the stomp hit the totem

E: While we are taking the damage it is recording it in a sense that when you pop it you get the shield buff and Movement Speed buff that you deserve from the Recorded amount of damage....

R: Reason why we did it that ways is because 40% of Ap isnt going to be amazingly powerful if you build her hybrid which she is supposed to be built like. So it shouldnt be punishing. And thank you

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Arilian Secret Nun Bump?!?!?

Totally not bumping here =D

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Innate : Elemental Discharge

For every Spellcast or Auto-Attack, Arilian gains a Elemental Residue. Upon gaining the fifth Residue Stack. She Launches a Chain of Lighning.

Number of Targets : 2/3/4/5

Damage : 40% Ap

Damage Reduction between targets

1st Level : 75% Reduction on the Second Target

2nd Level : 75% Reduction on the Second Target, 50% Reduction on the Third Target

3rd Level : 75% Reduction on the Second Target, 50% Reduction on the Third, 25% Reduction on the Fourth

4th Level : 75% Reduction on the Second Target, 50% Reduction Refuction on the Third Target. 25% on the Fourth Target, 12.5% Reduction on the Fifth Target

Q : Molten Fury

For every time Arilian casts Molten Fury in a 15 second time span she gets a cooldown Reduction of 1 Second. Stacks up to 5 times.

Arilian Draws from the fire with in forming a ball of fire and throws at the enemy. Once it hits an Enemy Minion, Neutral Minion, or Enemy Champion, it explodes sending out and Aoe Splash Damage Affect.

Damage : (40/80/120/160/200) (+ .45 Ap)

Splash Damage : 50% of Initial Impact Damage

CoolDown : 14/13/12/11/10

Mana Cost : 60/60/60/60/60

Range : 750

AoE Splash Damage Range : 300

W : Shattering Earth

Arilian gathers up earth at her foot and stomps, cracking the earth beneath her. When the cracking Earth hits a minion or champion the target becomes slowed. If the Totem is hit with this ability one AoE pulse is sent out.

[This Is A Skill Shot]

Damage : 80/110/140/170/200 (+.4 AD)

AoE Wave if Totem gets hits : 1/2 of the base Damage

AoE Wave Range : 325

Slow : 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%

Mana Costs : 60/65/70/75/80

Cooldown : 15/14/13/12/11

Range : 750

E : Totematic Explosion

Arilian Places A Totem On the Ground. While the totem is down, it Stores damage. Towards the end of the ability you have to option to end early or wait till the totem expires. When the totem is popped early or expires, all party members and Arilian will gain a Small Shield and a Movement Speed Buff based upon the amount of Damage Stored. The amount of Damage Stored is Capped at Certian percent.

Movement Speed Buff : 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%

Shield : 25/%35%/45%/55%/65% ( +1% additional per 50 Ap)

Cap for Damage : 150/250/350/450/550 (+100% Total AD)

Movement Speed and Shield Effect Effect : 4 Seconds

Cooldown : After Totem Expired or Used. 10/10/10/10/10

Aoe Range : 400

Range for placement : 600

Totem Duration : 6 Seconds

Early Activation : You may activate this ability again once it is down for 3 seconds..

R : Elemental Ascendsion

Arilian passivily gains a chance to add additonal effects to her Abilities..

20/25/30% chance

Arilian Gathers the Elements into herself removing limitations on the passive. Completly Removes Damage Reductions. Grants an Ad Ratio to her Q and an AP Ratio to her W.

Passive Effects:

Q : Molten Fury

The intial splash no longer occurs and it is replaced with smaller fire balls that due 50% less splash. Prioritizes Champions

Number of Fireballs Produced : 2/3/4

W: Shattering Earth

Elemental Energy eminates from the broken earth reaching up and rooting the champion instead of slowing. Also does a small amount of magic Damage.

Root Duration : 1/1.5/1.75 Seconds

Magic Damage :30/60/90 (+.6 AP)

E : Totemic Explosion

The water magic from the totem rages when placed, causing the waters to churn into a whirlpool. This causes enemies to be pulled into the whirlpool and slowed signifigantly

Slow : 50%/60%/70%

Lasts for : 1/1.5/2 Seconds

Active Bonuses :

Ap and Ad : 15/20/25

Ap and Ad Ratios :

Molten Fury Ad Ratio : (+.6 AD)

Shattering Earth Ap Ratio : (+.65 AP)

Ultimate CoolDown : 180/170/160 Seconds

Mana Cost : 200/225/250

Duration : 5/6/7 Seconds

Health :

Hit Points : 480 ( + 80 p/Lvl) (1840 @ Lvl 18)
Health Regen : 1.1 per 1 Second (+ .11p/lvl)
Health Regen : 5.5 per 5 Seconds (+.55 p/lvl)

Damage :

Attack Speed : .67 ( +.017) (.959 @ Lvl 18)
Damage : 57 ( + 3.2) (111.4 @ Lvl 18)

Mana :

Mana : 320 ( + 45 p/Lvl) (1085 @ Lvl 18)
Mana Regen p1 :1.2 ( + .12 p/Lvl) (3.36 @ Lvl 18)
Mana Regen p5 : 6.0 (+ .6 p/lvl) (16.2 @ Lvl 18)

Resistances :

Armor : 16 (+ 3 p/Lvl) (67 @ Lvl 18)
Magic Resistance : 30 ( +1.25 p/Lvl) (48.25 @ Lvl 18)

General :

Range : 125
Movement Speed : 315

Sorry for long response! School life is a killer...

Passive: The damage looks nice, it is interesting... What I'm wondering is the damage reduction, is it based on what the target recieves and then further reduced down, or is it considered in a manner of true damage in some sense, where the target takes reduced damage, but it takes the total it would deal and pass on 75% of that? I assume it works like the latter, but wasn't sure.

Q: I find this interesting, it's like mastery castness in a way. The CD reduction might be a little high though... Say this ability is already, at max rank, 10 seconds, you got 40% CD reduction... That makes 6 seconds. 5 seconds shorter, it is 1 second, so CD reduction would make it .6 CD time... You're basically a spam turret of deathly splashing fireballs everywhere. A built in tiamat... I'm fine with the CD reduction portion, maybe not so strong... Something needs change somewhere. Reading onto next spells, but I'll keep in mind this 5 second CD, .6 second CD fireball turret thingy. Lol.

W: Interesting ability. I'm noticing a lot of AoE in the kit, which isn't bad, but definitely something noticed.

E: I think the shield could be a tad high... I don't even think Riven's scales that high. Also, I assume it works with how you place it down, then it's greyed out for 3 seconds before you can do an early activation, and if not, it expires? I might of missed it, but is there also a range you need to be within the totem or is it global? I may have missed that...

R: The ult is really different, I think. I mean, it has a Heimer feel in a way / Ryze feel, but they're more specific changes, and can be used... Like Heimers active for the passive, and Ryze's passive as the active, there. BUt it's neat. Adds a lot of fun to the creation.

Overall, I'd play this champion. It really looks fun and enjoyable.

Thank you for reviewing Rem. Again, sorry for being so late... School... I plan to do some more adjustments to Rem, prolly get to that tomorrow. I just needed to take a step back and reassess what needs doing.

Edit: Wow I fail at math... 10 second CD, reduce by 5 is 5 second CD... Add in 40% CD reduction, you get a 3 second CD on Q... Prolly similar abilities, I forget their CDs... How did I miss that...? Lol.