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How do I play fizz in 3 vs 3?

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Sometimes I go on winning streaks with him, sometimes I go on losing streaks (like right now). What can I do with fizz to result in more wins than losses?

My primary concerns are the following:

What do I build?
Which lane do I perform best in?
What is my role in team fights?

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Sly Pooper



Try to lane against squishy target, I usually go in either lane and aviod darius, blitz, rengar, diana and jax

Team fights I stay behind the tank and wait for him to start then look for the squishiest which is most likely their carry use Q to get in the battle then W that will definitely do a lot of damage if you have a good amount of ap if the enemy team starts to focus you throw ulti at them and E to get a little distance from them. Not saying that is the best way to team fight but that is usually what i do.

Build I start with Boots of speed hp pots(3) so that in the beginning hopefully the enemy team got their doran's blade or ring, you will be faster and able to take them down easier (or run away) those boots will later become sorceress' boots and then I usually start building a rabadon, or rylai's scepter if im getting focused, after that I would get lich bane it is an amazing item for obvious reasons. Also if they start to build MR (doubt they will) get void staff, i usually don't get much further than that.

Hope i helped.