Still flying solo? Refer-a-Friend and Earn Rewards!

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Why is everyone complaining about this "Lv.10" stuff?
First off: They only have to reach Level 5.
Second: Exploitation? How the hell is Recruit-A-Friend exploitation? It's not like Riot Games is saying "Hey, you! Recruit a friend or your account is terminated", it's completely voluntary, and most of the friends you meet are in-game that you can Premake with. It's not our fault you went out of your way to spam your friends with this invite.
Third: Just stop crying, honestly, Riot Games is a pretty big game company, and some of them have been around since the first DotA's. They want you to refer friends to make their game bigger, and more well-known. They need money to keep their free-servers up, in which is achieved by people buying skins and stuff like me, why? 'cause we can afford it...