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Taking a team into the competative scene need 1800+, dedicated, and skilled players

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JA Chan Jhangai

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Name or Nickname: Jacob aka Party4lyfe
Age: 18
Location (State): Texas
Availability: Late nights or Early mornings and 2 days out of the week I am off work.
Role/ Position (Primary): Jungler
What makes you a potential recruit for Team Sylvinity: I feel i bring all the requirements to the table I have had experience with competitive teams.
Previous experience in competitive gaming: Played Cod Modern Warfare 2 in Tournys from Playstation Network, played some what competitive in Counter-Strike and Halo: Reach.
ELO: Currently 1230 highest 1300
Are you and your computer in a secluded environment for consistent matches: Yes, I am constantly not bothered in my room.
Please type anything else you'd like to share: My comp gets 60 fps no matter what and have a wired connection, I put so much into gaming I know I can bring something to the table. When I first started playing all i played was jungle then i switched to filling roles but I am sure I can also learn what is needed.