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LM New Team

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Give me a like please


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*About CGU* :

CGU (Crimson Guards United) Gaming has been established since 2003. Our goal has been aimed towards uniting friends and expanding our game play on multiple gaming platforms.

*Ways To Contact Us* :

Website : "http://www.cgunited.net"
TeamSpeak3 :
E-mail : [email]cgunitedgaming@gmail.com[/email]
Also Try : YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Steam

*What CGU offers* :

- A TeamSpeak3 Server
- The opportunity to network with a wide range of diverse gamer's
- In-game Events
- A well organized group of leaders to help strengthen your abilities as a member and a gamer

*What do we ask from you* :

- Be active for our weekly meetings
- 15+ years of age
- Please have a headset/mic to communicate with (exceptions may be made)
- Don't be afraid to ask questions

*How to apply * :

Come on our TeamSpeak3 server and speak with a admin with the title G.C. (Global Council)

Team Speak