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Ranked Duo LF3M To Start Ranked 5's with

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Mosque Rat



Me and a friend are tired of being stuck in the perpetual downfall into lower elo in Duo's thanks to one feeder seemingly every game. The solution? People with half a brain that can actually co-operate together over skype and create some semblance of a real team.

Ranked Team Name: Five Foos
Summoner Name: Mosque Rat
Usual Play Times: Wednesday - Friday

Currently me and my friend occupy bot lane but we still need a Mid, Top, and Jungler to start. Skype is required so that we can communicate properly.

This team is not looking only for 2200 ELO Masters we just want people dedicated to the game, with decent knowledge of how everything works and a good handle on their role in the team.

Basically, Season 2 is all but over but we'd like to use the remaining time to hone our skills before Season 3 starts up. Inquire on my account if you are looking to join a fresh team willing to put in the effort to get into the Ranked 5's scene.