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Team Not Important looking for fifth, stateside

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rudolph the jew



Hey everyone the new upcoming team not important is looking for dedicated players looking to compete with us on ranked. We are currently searching for team members that can play various different champion roles as required as our team trains in all roles.

Side Notes:
Our team generally practices in the afternoon
Located in the united states.

Be lvl 30 as we are going to be doing ranked
Be at least 17 years of age. (not really looking to play with a buncha kids lol)
Be friendly, kind, and considerate to the rest of the team (trolling of enemies always allowed)
Have confidence and willingness to learn (we can work with you if your decent, heck im still learning things at lol every day)
Be located somewhere in the U.S. ( we would hate to have you guys get up at like 3 in the morning just to practice with us.)

If you think you would be a good fit for a team that has the ability and desire to climb the ranks of lol than you can go ahead and friend any one of these players to see if were the team for you.

rudolph the jew (thats me )

Jewdicator (team captain)

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Senior Member


Hey man.
I'm stuck in ELo Hell (1100) but feel like if I could get on a team with 3-4 players who cooperate and work together and give constructive criticism instead of just rage I could easily learn how to move up.
Mid 20s, east coast

I jungle with Nocturne, Amumu, WW
I mid with Karthus, Veigar
Support Ali, Blitz, Soraka
ADC Ashe, Graves
Top- Not very good with Morde, WW, Cho

PS love the name, can we change team name to fit the j o o theme?