1400+ elo player LF> a serious team

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I been in few teams before, but its never works out in the end. I want to find a 1400+ elo team, that could play at my level. I prefer to have people that DON'T RAGE, complain at every little thing, being rude ect. I don't like ragers. I would like a team that calm, wants improvements, takes criticism, but they also have to have fun, enjoy playing the game

Prefers- 1400+ team
I have a mic
Skype, Vent, Team speak only (I don't do that mumble and raidcall ****)
Please be mature, I don't like little kids
Practice is a must if its a serious team/Practice times would be prefers. EST

Main Role:Ap carry
Top 5 champions: Ahri,Galio,Vladimir,Morgana, Kennen
Ward Placement: At the tip of the banana bushes, sometimes the other team wraiths.

Sub Role:Top
Top 5 Champions:Lee sin, Vladimir, Irelia, Akali, Riven
Ward Placement: Blue entrance, tribush

2# Sub Role: AD carry
Top 5 Champions: Ezreal,Ashe,Graves,Corki,Varus
Ward Placement: If the support has no wards and I have one, tribush

I didn't add any other information about the roles I play because I would to tell you ingame. If you have any questions on that certain role that I play.

Add me if you want me to tryout, IGN: Angelpixe