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Best support?

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Taric is popular because he is both strong and hyper-easy mode. Good, safe pick. Lulu can get crazy if you know what you're doing, same as Janna. They're high skill cap, high "OMG LULU/JANNA YOU SO GEUD MAKE ME BABIES" reward if you make plays right. I like Voli-trolli bear. Sona is good too Argh. Too much ramble. Going to make two lists of five each, the first will be easiest to play and good, the second will be high skill but good. Naturally, the #1 of the second list will be better than the #1 of the first if you play them well.



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A support player that cares about you winning will be the best support. <3

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k2o Gamer

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I think the best support is the one you can play best. For me the best support is one that can provide a little bit of everything. for example i try and play 3 supports.

Nami i think is the best support for me, her Q, can set up ganks or slow down runners, her W heal bounces off your ally and hits the target as a nuke or vice versa you nuke your target and it bounces off to heal your ally. Her E is a buff.

Sona has aura which reminds me a lot of nami, with utility for her spells and of course her stun ult can stop an enemy engage with the quickness.

Taric, Stun, Heal, and passive armor buff. Can help burst down enemies. Builds like a tank sometimes to.

Lulu is a beast to, but with no heal i dont put her in the top 3 for me. Lulu does have cc though which can own a lane quick. Soraka is all heals no stunn etc so not in the top 3 for me. Leona is good to, but lack of range to me makes her a little tougher to set things up. For me anyways.

Its all preference. All depends on your play style.

I tend to pick depending on who i see is on the other team. If i see a lot of mellee or beefy champions on the other team i go taric. If i see nunu or saraka i go sona etc. Other than that i go Nami for everything else.

Those are just my 2 cents. Even though i like Nunu also, stand in the bush and ult and noone see's it. Fun stuff.

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Try th th th THRESH the chain warden. His q can be casted twice to hook and go to the enemy. All you do as thresh is to land hooks, auto-attack,flay,and let your adc take your lantern.If you play correctly, your adc can get FIRST BLOOD.
And always WWWAAARD.

GOOd luck!