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active/skilled/support,top player LF team

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adam maarij

Senior Member


.Last post i got a lot of people,some were good but not active,some were active not but skilled enough. Played with a team that went 4-0 but then our leader invited other people and made the team 4-2.....bs right?. Well anyway,I'm just looking for a really skilled team that playes pretty much almost daily from 4pm EST to 11 pm EST I'm open most of the Sundays only in the morning. I pretty much play top or support. I am skilled,trust me. I will not waste your time but also don't waste mine if you are not competitive are good.

be at least 700+ wins or any kind of elo (top elo is good to)

I got over 2.2k+ games played including my other smurf acconts.