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Where is Morde?

Still Numero Uno... Huehuehue 5 25%
In a Good place 6 30%
Underpowered, Buff his W 5 25%
Underpowered, Buff his sustain 4 20%
Voters 20 .

Can We Get Some Love for Mr Hue? (Mordekaiser balance?)

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I main Morde as a 1550ish elo player and after easily carrying myself up to this elo only needing to play Morde, I've found that it is becoming increasingly difficult to carry, even if I am farmed and decently fed. Why? here are my theories.
(btw morde haters remember i really only want to know about viability at the highest level. I respect all opinions but I really have no interest in hearing "I'm level 15 and morde killed me and said HUEHUEHUE, Nerf him OP BROKEN". all well thought out opinions welcome)

OK, so my first point is how easily he is kited. I can be doing amazing with 220 farm at 20 minutes but if they have a proper buiserline/sufficient CC on their team Morde cannot get of his combo (Q,DFG,E,Ignite,Ulti) to get a ghost. The fact that he has no CC makes it really easy to get kited, but what im seeing from good players (when i duo with 1900ish friends) is that i cant get to anyone important/squishy.
My proposal? Give his W a CC reduction like singed's ultimate or Mundo's W. that way, even though morde has no CC he can try to break through a bruiser line to get to their carries. Theoretically he could build merc treads, but that would only make the second problem worse. Morde needs that magic penetration from sorc shoes to do damage.

Another problem? His lack of sustain. The fact that his abilities cost a ridiculous amount of health means that he needs a hextech revolver. which was fine, until other similar AP carries (rumble, vlad, kennen) started building haunting guise instead of hextech. Morde still relies on hextech and because of that his dmg and tanky stats are outclassed by other AP bruisers.
Solution? how about either buffing Hextech/WotA, or giving morde more passive HP regen and lowering his ability costs?

Morde is currently in a weird spot. The last time he was played by a pro was months ago in a long forgotten tourney where Scarra from dignitas played him twice. he can only really be played in conjunction with an amumu, naut, or other heavy CC initiators. Morde needs to be in the middle of a fight to do damage, but can still be melted when in the middle of a fight. His ability to escape ganks is horrendous, and I think that a buff to his W would greatly increase that without making him hue all the noobs (since the W is a defensive spell)

So tell me what you think, lets get this post bumped so riot can see it! and if you're a 2.2k elo player that thinks im retarded, tell me why! tell me how to carry myself again, but as it is i think Morde is just outclassed. he is a farm monster, but to be a farm monster, he essentially give up presence in other lanes.

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mordekaiser needs some sort of cc because he is the only champ in the game without cc a blinck/dash ability or movement speed increase ability currently

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Here's my take on Mordehueser: I agree that while he does lots of damage, he gets kited easily, has no CC, and shut down by CC even more than Tryndamere cause he lacks a dash to escape (and an immune to death spell). You could get cleanse but to replace what? You're forced to get ignite and flash because the first is what makes your ult work well and the second is your only means of escape/chase. You could build merc treads and a quicksilver slash but that sacrifices your damage a lot and what if the other team isn't particularly AP heavy and just CC heavy? Well...I tried experimenting with a different item build for our heavy metal friend and received a lot of "lolnoob" comments for it and I expect a lot of them here, so bring it on!

I've been running a rune page that is similar to what is used for Akali, giving him ability power, strength, health, and magic/armor pen. I intend on changing all the marks to Greater Marks of Destruction (the magic pen/armor pen ones) later when I can afford them all which would remove the strength. As for quints, Destruction or movement speed would be good. I remember the first time I looked at Morde and was like, "Wow, all of his base stats are completely even." I never questioned his standard full AP build before but this build is my first question against it.

For his masteries, I'm tempted to go all into the offensive tree taking strength, ability power, magic pen, armor pen, life steal, ability power per level, etc. but that seems too silly so for now I use the exact same masteries that I use with Akali (can you tell that I got this idea after playing some games with Akali and thinking about Mordekaiser while I was doing it, like all women do in bed).

For abilities, with the exception of 1 point in Siphon of Destruction for early harass, I max Mace of Spades first and his W second (and the ult whenever it's up), you're not going to like this but it's okay, I'll explain in a sec.

I start with boots and 3 pots (I do boots, a pot, and a ward when going top if the enemy has a level 2 ganker).

First item still has to be Hextech Revolver because of how his abilities cost health but I'm okay with that because I'm going to build right into Hextech Gunblade. Lolwut? Not WotA? Well, unless my team will greatly benefit from the spell vamp (and in which case it's possible someone else can build it, too) WotA isn't as strong on him as the Gunblade in my opinion. The spell vamp will make his abilities break even as long as he's hitting targets with them and the lifesteal will increase his sustain while he's auto attacking in between abilities (he IS classified as a melee champion after all). He does receive benefit from the attack damage--remember that comment I made earlier about maxing Mace of Spades first? It receives bonuses from ability power AND attack damage--this is his new bread and butter skill because it does a BUTT load of damage! Since this is a hybrid buildt, it's stronger to level his Q first and save his E for later in the game and since you'll be in melee range the whole time, it'll be nice to have the shield maxed second. The item use for Hextech Gunblade is quite nice as well and gives him a form of CC.

Next item to build into will depend on the situation--usually it'll be level 2 boots if I haven't gotten them already, now instead of the magic pen boots, I tend to get boots of swiftness for chasing down/escaping from enemies--remember, this is one of his greatest challenges currently!

After Hextech Gunblade and level 2 boots...well...I'm still experimenting what the best order to buy them in is but ultimately, it will wind up looking something like this:

Boots of Whatever
Hextech Gunblade
Trinity Force
Guinsoo's Rageblade
Nashor's Teeth

^^One of those (except hextech, most likely it'll be Nashor's Teeth cause even though the CD redux is useful the mana regen is not) can be substituted for a defensive item like Guardian Angel or Banshee's Veil or whatever...but essentially, my idea was this: give Morde some CC, increase the damage of his Mace of Spades (which with this build does SO MUCH DAMAGE), increase his attack speed for in between ability cooldowns which will increase his damage output and sustain from the lifesteal, increase his movement speed, and utilize the balance in his stats for health, strength, and ability power.

I know that seems like such a trolololol build but it works (so far) and is fun as hell so I encourage any Morde player to give it a try--I'm open to any and all well thought out comments, suggestions, critiques, etc. but please make them well thought out because it took a long time to write all that and I'm looking for constructive feedback.

I really love this champion but he's not that strong of a pick right now and I'd like to see that changed.

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Uh, p.s., I voted for his W to get a CC reduction because I literally had the same exact thought in my head while thinking about this build.

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