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Dear Riot,
I've been stuck in Ranked Que for over 15 minutes now because a player has been afk the ENTIRE time and he's been team captain of one of the two teams the entire time, as well.
The only way out of the game, is to dodge, as re-que is instant. I don't want to take 2 losses for some ****** being afk.

This is Terrible, and not the first time this kind of thing has happened.

Thus I suggest:
1) track people in the que, to see their length of waiting during their pick times.
2) boot them out of que, when those times go to the full limit time after time.
3) send them an e-mail about it.
4) repeat offenders get the ban hammer.

Now, since I am STILL stuck in this que, can you just boot this person OUT of the LoL Que right now:

Thank you.
Wow... this dude JUST CAME BACK as I pressed post. 20 mins of Que time later! He also just claimed he was not AFK, was there the Whole time!

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Well there are a lot more threads about this than I was able to find at first. But none of you made a poll. Vote on this poll, show there are clear numbers behind this issue.