5's Team Recruiting (Top/Junglers/Supports)

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Roles Needed: Top, Jungler, Support

My friend and I are starting a 5's team and our goal is to get to at least Platinum (1650 elo). I have been playing LoL since the release of Garen (April-March 2010) and I am (sadly) only gold. My friend is gold too been and has been playing since season one, not as much in season two, but he's ready for season three. I'm the AD (Draven/Ez), he's the AP Carry (Zyra/Cassio)

We're looking for...

Top lane that plays op stuff like Darius, Irelia, and ****.
Jungler that ganks and knows how to smite. Preferably tanky cc champs.
Support that synergizes well with my AD (mostly Draven/Ez)

Our Team Composition is mostly AoE (we strive to hit all)

A good plus...
being a Starcraft fan

At least GOLD elo
Not a kid with high levels of f*****ry.
18 years old or orlder
Must be able to take criticism

IF INTERESTED: Join chat "Scarlett SC is Transgend" and please wait patiently until we message you. Thanks

Note - We'll be playing once we get all slots filled.

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