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One Month Diamond Rush, Journal and Notes that will help players to win ranked.

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Support Chen

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Man, keep it up! I think a good way is posting a lolking history or something to save you some time or something! I don't know if you want to or not. Just suggesting! GOOOOD LUCK

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Day 8
Alistar Support, Lost

Our Team: Jax, Morg, Noc, Corki, Alistar
Enemy Team: Ryze, Chogath, Graves, Janna, Yi jungle

Early game it was really good for us. The enemy didn't try to invade because I am alistar, however they did stop our attempt on doing double golem. We were able to take the small one while leaving the big one up and went to the lane.

Corki got first blood soon after with my support, I was able to knock graves into the river, while noc is running down, and I knocked Graves up in the middle of his dash animation. First blood.

That didn't help Corki, however. He keeps taking free shots from Graves, and harass back when Janna shield is up. Imo. He got elo boosted as this is some basic info that even 1500 should know.

Still, I was manage to make both of the bottom lane to blow their flash. With this we were able to take dragon control, trading 2 for 2 while taking the dragon.

This didn't help too much, however. As Ryze keeps farming, there is another strong tanky dps on the enemy team. Despite the strong crowd control that we have. With a low dps and badly positioned Corki, we weren't able to take the lead into the game with our small gold lead. In fact, the gold were equal on both side even after we take the dragon, due to the horrible cs on Corki.

However, Jax did try to make a comeback with his amazing scaling. In a major team fight at top lane, we were able to split the enemy Ryze and Jax, completely spliting them allowing us to have better focus, and was able to do it 3 to 5 trade.

With this lead we tried to push out, only finding that the enemy team is attempting baron. In an open team fight, we didn't have any advantage, and we lost.

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Great Job! I enjoy reading your post

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Resolute Riven

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Elo Now?

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Tanking elo really, really hard

Most of the games are not even worth talking about. Trolls....everywhere...just having bad lucks and throws on the ones that really should have won.

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Been stop posting for a while due to trying to really get to diamond, didn't have much success and just got a game that I would really like people to read.

4v5 for 15 minutes, Lulu support, Won

Our team: Malphite, Evelyn, Skarner, Lulu, Graves
Their team: Blitz, Sivir, Riven, Orianna, Shyvana

To start off the game the enemy invaded our red buff, I was sitting at wraith bush and was forced to use flash to get out, but nonetheless that gave me the vision on the entire enemy team

My team immediately rotated to enemy red buff, and I put a ward at the bottom tri bush so that we will see shyvana and bottom lane going into lane.

Laning against blitz is a pain in the ass. there were some grabs that landed on me or Graves, but with lulu's shield we both managed to survive.

Graves d/c at level 3, he was under the turret but before he starts walking back to the base, he was spotted by blitz and a pull was attempted. Knowing that he will die and Sivir will get out of control, I blocked it and used my flash to get out, so once again I am out of flash and must back off. Skarner went into the lane and held the turret.

As I went back to the lane, I took double golem for the experience and tried my best to ward enemy blue buff and bottom river, for complete vision. With the enemy bottom lane went back to base, I roamed to mid and killed Orianna with Eve and Skarner, that helped as Evelyn was fed and can roam shortly after.

Backed to bottom lane, I was able to get enough experience to hit level 5, but the zone of blitzcrank remains strong. With speed buff and slow I don't have much problem getting grab by Blitz, and was able to autoattack him every once in a while, but then I was being zoned out of experience range.

Knowing that the enemy blue buff is about to come up, I ran to there after recalled to base, and was able to pick it up with my E> Q combo, Without blue Orianna cannot shove her lane fast enough, leaving Evelyn open to gank every single lane.

Once again I am back to bottom, with the experience from killing blue buff I hit level 6 shortly after. Skarner and Evelyn charged in as I ran in and baited into Blitzcrank grab. Seeing Skarner but not Evelyn, both Sivir and Blitzcrank still focus me, and I was able to survive and knock them up with my ultimate, both of them failed to escape and blew flash in the process.

Graves is still not back, once again I rotated to mid as there are minions, and did decent amount of damage on the turret. Shyvana and Orianna came and we got to back off. then I held mid while evelyn and Skarner ganked top, Riven got killed and Malphite is ahead now that he can also roam.

there is not much to talk about for the rest, the game ended with 18-2, the enemy surrender after graves went back and just keep free farming bottom, as they know it is hard to come back.


Personally the only reason we had won this game is due to the good communication and the willingness on helping everyone who needs them. I, Lulu support, didn't die to blitzcrank and Sivir, thus allowing Evelyn to gank the lane easily. With Evelyn fed and everyone except me being ahead of the game, we were free to roam

So once again, Don't rage, Communicate, and you might just gain some elo that you would have lost.

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Milestone, 2100 elo, achieved

I haven't write any journal for a while due to heavy school work, while I was able to keep up and tried to play rank, I didn't have much time on writing these journals, and then I also have a League tournament on Saturday, which takes time away from me on writing these as I must practice with my team.

This time it will be a short conclusion on what I see from 2k to 2.1k

1. Evelyn is currently the best snowball champion. With some strong AoE cc champion on her team she can easily carry a team (just get Malp, Sona, etc.)

2. Farming wraith and wolves become really important, especially when your jungler is ganking. Taking them often allow you to get ahead of the enemy mid lane, both in term of gold and experience, make sure you don't drain all your health pot and mana on it though

3. Counter jungle is often much better than farming your own jungle, especially when you can get the timer on the enemy buff.

4. While early oracle is really risky, it does allow you to quickly expand your map control for objectives.

5. It is fine to let the enemy take dragon if you can rotate quickly to do other objectives

6. Never spend too much time on a siege unless you can keep doing damage to the enemy objectives (such as buff and turret).


Currently I am still climbing the ladder with ap mid and support, mainly playing Anivia and Lulu/sona.

From my perspective, Anivia is strong due to her ability to peel for the ad carry, as well as terrain which can be used to split the enemy team. I still remember many times that my wall split the enemy into 2 parts and we can take them down with ease, or I flash wall and make 3 to 4 enemies flash due to the fear of being caught.

Lulu is also another example of peeling machine. Even though she doesn't offer strong stun like Sona, she does have a strong AoE slow, a strong cc on single target, and shield that can save lives. Tanky bruiser with Lulu's ultimate also create a crazy field of slow, which makes it easier for everyone.
*Note: Lulu is currently the best counter to assassin such as Evelyn and Rengar, as her ultimate and shield cannot be reduced by ignite (compare it with Soraka). She also can turn the assassin into cupcake, which is easy to eat and kill =]

Sona, offers a lot of poke in the lane, and her ultimate can often change an enemy dragon attempt into a kill feast. However, the main reason I like her is the power chord. Late game, being able to reduce enemy damage output by 20% is a lot.

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Today is the day

Even though I wasn't fully able to follow my schedule on getting at least 10 elo per day, I got to diamond by 10/22, which is before Riot's original time of 10/23.

The journey to Diamond is not always fun, even though I had met up with a lot of famous people, including Voyboy, Phreak, Iwdominate, Froggen and more. Some of the time you will face team that is impossible to carry, while other times you will be forced to do the roles that you dislike.

Nonetheless, I was able to suck it up and win my games.

Words of advice for people who stills want to get to higher rank before 11/6/2012, Pay more attention to your own gameplay rather than raging at everyone, you will find your elo increase at an incredible rate.

Once again I am sorry that I wasn't able to keep writing all the journal for you guys, I might try to pull out some of the old replays and explain the process in which lead my team to victory (or the other team) but as for now, let me enjoy my slice of pizza as I chat with my friends about my achievement.

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I'm pretty sure I already know how I can get into Diamond league.

Suck less.

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you should record your games and cut out team fights that show good positioning, thats something thats hard to explain you just have to see an example