champion help.

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I have been saving up for teemo but since the new free characters became available teemo is a option. I tried him and idk doesnt seem to fit my style didnt help i seemed terrible with him. I was really dissapointed and happy i didnt use my IP on him. I have used Tristana and liked her but was to simple and not very much depth to her i thought. Lately tho i have been using poppy and she seems really good i win alot with her but i feel there is better options that would be more fun. I guess what im saying is i want to try get a character that isnt simple minded, but also does really good damage. lol maybe i havnt narrowed my choices down enough.

any help would be appreciated.

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Hey there!

I could use a bit information on your play style and previous champions that you really like so I can get an idea of what I could suggest for you to play.

However, that being said, I would still give teemo a chance. For one thing, he doesn't have one singular way of playing him. He's a completely unique individual in that he has an almost limitless way that you can build AND play him.

I don't know how in the know you are about the pro players of LoL, but here is a video tutorial featured by ColbyCheeze who was helped by TheRainMan (Best Teemo Player in LoL) to put it together. Maybe it'll give you an idea of how versatile Teemo is.

He plays Teemo as an AD character as that tends to be more viable in team fights, etc.

I would definitely NOT buy Tristana. As it stands now because of all the changes that have taken place + all the new champions, she doesn't bring as much to the table as other AD counterparts do such as Ashe, Vayne, Caitlyn, MF. She's a champion that really need a rework or a buff.

Poppy is an awesome choice, especially in the lower level brackets where people don't yet know how to counter her. Once you hit 30 and start playing more, you'll notice she becomes a little bit more complicated to play because people will avoid you and the walls you can push them in to, so you'll have to choose your battles a little bit more smartly.

All in all, let me know what other champs you've tried and what play styles you've liked, maybe I can toss out some more suggestions (that's if these even helped, I hope so!)

Anyway, happy laning =]