Next patch fix this thing

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You need to stop ignoring the fact that this game type exists. Please make a patch where you balance this **** out and i dont have to pay for the game like you say its free but not thank you very good/.

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I personally disagree with you, but thats not why I am commenting.

If you have any ideas that would improve would be more helpful than complaining that something is broken and that they need to fix it.

Example: In jungling 3s, you can just get screwed. Lets say your first 3 camps are golems, BAH! Have to base. First 3 camps are wraiths, sweet I can go gank and still have pots to spare. I'd like to see them make this a little bit more consistent.

Frankly, though, I feel like 3s is great because it gives you a much better chance of carrying a bad team. Frankly, if you're good enough as long as you get 1 good teammate, you should never lose. Unless, of course, you are outplayed.

3s is just played differently, those complaining want another 5s on a different map. I understand, but don't ruin 3s like you ruined 5s. Jungling in 5s can be done by anyone, I've even seen Teemo do it. Lets see him try that in 3s.