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Picking between Champions

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I gotta figure out how to spen my 6300 IP, I bought the two Champion packages and at the moment I'm decidng between:

Ezreal: I've wanted him sicne I started playing and he COULD be fun. But I think I have only ever seen one person play somewhat decently on him


Garen and Pantheon: I've seen both champions carry their teams, and not getting oflstomped could be fun.From Stun Mc. Stunstunpants, Pantheon and Mr. Oh-You-Have-A-Third-Of-Your-HP-Left?-Well-I'll-Use-My-Ultimate-And-You-Die Garen

I'm leaning towards Exreal but I'm not sure which... Any input would be nice

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It really depends on your play style. All three can carry games hard.
Ezreal uses skill shots for damage, if that's your thing, pick him.

Garen and panth are very get into the middle of everything in deal as much damage as they can.

If you have 6.3k IP on the line, definitely wait for free week to try before you buy.