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Syndra Laning

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Mister Rant

Senior Member


As many have said, I feel that Syndra has a very rough laning phase early game, but I have found some things that may assist with this.

Her Q while costly, has a strong poke and doesnt mitigate like a Karthus Q woul. I feel that mana should only be consumed when pushing back a bit and or going in for a kill.

Essentially you don't want to be aggro until lvl 6 when your ult can come in.

What you wanna do is Boots 3 pots, then double dorans with a couple wards, then rush a DFG.

You want to get close, chunk with DFG, ult, then use E to stun, then ignite.


Try it

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Junior Member


no her laning phase is amazing. if you know how to lane ryze ori and karth shes like a mixture somewhat. with ryze you have to know how to aa q harass well usually when they go for cs/ are close with ori have to know how to keep moving with skillshots you can cast while moving and dodge rly easy op and karth which is easy just put q on stuff. lol. in short you have to be pretty good to have any point playing her anyway. you win by not taking any harass and poking the **** out of them she also has amazing aa animation. people are high/not good enough(bad)
edit: you also want to be aggresive pre 6 pressure the enemy, kill them, poke them etc.
that is always what you want to achieve in lane plus cs unless you get countered hard.