[Champion Concept] Arcadeus, Sealer of Fate

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Arcadeus, Sealer of Fate

Mage, AP Carry

Arcadeus: Who?

Arcadeus, my newest creation, is a powerful, uniquely constructed, and interesting mage meant to control the opposition, deal great sustained damage, and single-handedly run ravaging attacks on the enemy team. His abilities all build off of his one fundamental gameplay mechanic: Soul Sealing. You'll see exactly what I mean as you continue reading about him!

A Physical Description

Arcadeus, a sorcerer from the void, is no marvel of admiration or awe; rather, he is the manifestation of dread and despair. With deep blue skin covered by a shredded black robe embroidered with dark purple swirls, Arcadeus lets all who pass him by feel the chill of his past. As he floats above the terrain, the glowing, violet aura that he emits entangles all who approach him, and meanwhile, his shining sapphire eyes entrance the spirits around him to follow his every command. A hypnotist though he appears, the large, amethyst staff he holds above him assures the innocent bystanders that there will be no deceit or trickery - rather, just pure pain.


Deep in the abysses of the void, far from the darkness and away from the monster-inhabited realms of corruption and sin, there once existed an ancient sanctuary, free of spite and misery. Guarded by the seven reptiles of the prophecy, this sole foundation stood its ground in the void for many a century, a sigil of order and sanctity. With its looming ivory buttresses, gold plated buttresses, elegantly carved pillars, and pearly radiance, the Sanctuary of Fate - or so it was called - inspired awe from all who witnessed it in its full glory.

However, the true marvel of the fortress did not lie in its ostentatious appeal to the public. Rather, it was what was inside that sparked the curiosity of so many. For hidden in the splendorous rooms of the building were a series of mages, all possessing incredible power and unrestricted ability. Known by all the void as the Sealers of Fate, these high sorcerers were rumored to control all things in the universe. From war to famine, from wealth to poverty, from action to consequence - the Sealers adumbrated it all. Sympathetic to none and oblivious to their surroundings, the mages kept to the sanctuary and harnessed their magic to keep the world running smoothly. Though capable of great evil, the purity of the Sealers kept them away from toying with the fates of others for selfish gains.

Others, however, did not see the necessity of being so pure. The demons and ghouls of the voids, hungry for control and dominion, sought to harness the Sealers' powers as their own and construct a new world, one where the void was the supreme commander. And so, the great Void Wars began, monster after monster fighting the seven guardian serpents until, at long last, the walls of the sanctuary crumbled away. One by one, the Sealers were devoured, eradicated entirely as their power was absorbed by their consumers. One Sealer, Arcadius, stood in solitude, against a horde of merciless fiends. The world's end, or so it seemed, was imminent.

But Arcadius, the strongest of all the Sealers, would not let go without a fight. In an effort to protect the sanctity of Fate Sealing, Arcadius sacrificed his own soul. Surging with power and force, Arcadius at last muttered the Sealing Curse, letting out a violent explosion of utter chaos and trapping all the beasts around him in giant Seals, their souls and spirits forever caged in Arcadius's curse.

However, though he saved his art, Arcadius's endeavors had complications. The burden of sealing such sinister souls away began to corrupt his mind, and after the exposure to the darkness of the void, his purity no longer existed. Replaced by a desire to avenge his fellow Sealers' deaths, Arcadius found a new motive in life. No longer bent upon maintaining the order, Arcadius has since worked to procure his vengeance, stopping at no cost to eradicate every living being in the void. And so, his quest for extermination has brought him to the fields of the League, where he now continues his mission for redemption.


Passive: Soul Sealer

Arcadeus uses his magic to seal the souls of all things that die around him, later harnessing the spirits' strength to do his own bidding.

Whenever a non-Champion unit (excluding Baron Nashor) dies within a 650 radius of Arcadeus, it leaves a mystical Soul Seal on the ground below it that lasts until it is manipulated by one of Arcadeus's other abilities.

Q Ability: Turmoil of the Afterlife

Arcadeus beckons the spirits around him to aid in his endeavors and damage his foes, thus satisfying the spirits' eternal hunger for vengeance and Arcadeus's own sinister motives.

Arcadeus targets a Soul Seal on the ground within a 700 radius of himself. The Soul Seal then self-destructs as the spirit traps within erupts out, dealing 100/150/200/250/300 (+0.7) magic damage to all enemies caught in a 200 radius.

Cost: 70/80/90/100/100 mana
Cooldown: 10/9/8/7/5 seconds

W Ability: Lifeforce Vacuum

Arcadeus urges the spirits trapped within his Soul Seals to protect him, expunging their souls and setting them free. As they proceed to surround Arcadeus in their embrace, they take all damage that Arcadeus would have received, servnig their master and savior to their final breath, after which they obliterate and stun all enemies caught nearby.

Arcadeus channels for 1.5 seconds, after which all Soul Seals within an 800 radius around him break and the spirits trapped within come rushing to Arcadeus's aid. For each Soul Seal broken, Arcadeus gains a 30/60/90/120/150 (+0.1) damage shield that lasts until depletion, after which it explodes and stuns all enemies in a 500 radius around Arcadeus for 2 seconds.

Cost: 100/110/120/130/140/150 mana
Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds

E Ability: Corrupt Fusion

Arcadeus commands the spirits within two seals to merge themselves, thus creating from the shadows an entity of unimaginable power, sealed away in the ground below until Arcadeus is able to manifest its strength and bring it out to the human world.

Arcadeus targets two Soul Seals in a 1000 radius that then break and release the spirits trapped within. The two spirits rush to Arcadeusís location, dealing 100/160/220/280/340 (+0.6) magic damage to all enemies they pass through, and later converging at the ground beneath Arcadeus, creating a larger Seal of Amalgamation. Seals of Amalgamation cannot be targeted by any of Arcadeusís normal abilities.

Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 mana
Cooldown: 11/9/7/6/5 seconds

R Ability: Expunge!

Arcadeus releases the true extent of his vehement and rage-driven magical powers, relinquishing the seals of the fiends he trapped so long ago and releasing them from their trapped position, allowing them to wreak havoc on Arcadeus's enemies. Though resurrected for only a short duration, the spirits are as powerful as they were at the pinnacle of their lives and serve Arcadeus loyally, until they are at last able to leave the warring grounds and rest in eternal peace.

Arcadeus targets a 550-radius location in a 2000 range and breaks all of the Soul Seals and Seals of Amalgamation in the region, releasing the monsters trapped in the seals as his own minions. The monsters then attack Arcadeus's attack targets for 15/30/45 seconds, after which they finally die and dissappear.

Important Notes: All monsters resurrected from Soul Seals have the exact same statistics as they had upon death, along with full health, but appear dark purple and black in color. Meanwhile, Seals of Amalgamation release Dwarf Dragons with 1500 health, 75 attack power, 1.5 attack speed, 30 armor and magic resistance, and 370 movement speed; these dragons follow the same color scheme as the other resurrected monsters.

Cost: 300/400/500 mana
Cooldown: 90 seconds

Overall Intended Mechanics

As clearly depicted by his abilities, Arcadeus is meant to e a huge damage-dealing burst mage, but one who is latent at that. In other words, he is capable of dealing profuse amounts of damage to multiple targets, but in order to do so, significant preparation is required. This is evident in the fact that all of his abilities manipulate Soul Seals; thus, in order to effectively use his abilities, Arcadeius must prepare a series of Soul Seals in the ground ahead of time before waging an attack.

Additionally, not only are Arcadeus's abilities meant to rely on preparatory action, but they also fluidly relate to each other. The underlying element of Soul Sealing combines with the aspect of "expunging" these dead spirits from their trapped state to release their power.

Finally, the last aspect of Arcadeus's gameplay is the necessity of planning out his spells so to use his Soul Seals in the most effective manner. The rewards of doing this tedious task, however, are great. For example, by manipulating Corrupt Fusion near the Dragon's spawn area and defeating dragon twice within 15 minutes, a skilled Arcadeus could possess two Dragons and a series of Dwarf Dragons with a single cast of his ultimate, thus making him capable of executing a powerful rampage.

Some Final Words

I'll definitely try to add some pictures to this block of text soon. However, until then, I hope you guys can critique my champion and give me ways to improve him. Criticism and comments are very much appreciated by your truly, BeholdtheAwesome!