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How Riot should lower skin prices (Make more money too!).

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I'm not the only one that thinks Riot's skin prices are excessively expensive. I think the "skins" idea is a fabulous idea. Yet, Corporate Mundo is almost $20? All the new skins are at about 975 RP. That's such a rip off.

This isn't a QQ post, but rather a helpful solution (at least I think it is). The league of legends community is full of nerds, well let me clarify, ARTISTIC NERDS. I'm sure about 1/4 of the league of legends community could design the **** out of skins. I know it takes time to implement and create new idea for skins (at least profitable ones, unlike the excessive amount of Teemo skins). I don't think it really takes much to create a skin for a character. I mean the hard part is the design (hint: where LoL community comes in). The matter of putting the skin in game is just a matter of implementing a code and some patches. By lower the skin prices by a drastic amount but having a huge supply of skins will make eager players buy more skins. Let's say for the sake of argument that one skin costs about $3 dollars. Hey that's like a ****ing pizza! No big deal to be honest!

Look at McDonalds. They make more money that most restaurant franchises because they're food is cheap and abundant (not to mention fast and delicious, and cancerous <33!). There are so many ideas for skins that could be implemented. I would be willing to spend my money if I could buy a lot of skins. I mean, the work output for creating skins is disproportional to the price. An abundant amount of skins will make consumers more likely to buy skins.

In the long run, I think Riot's overpriced skins will bite them in the butt. It's not how much money you can get from the people, it's how much people you can get to buy a product. I don't see why Riot shouldn't implement this. Getting free resources from the community, while gaining more profit in the long run.

Please consider this idea Riot!

(I'm expecting a lot of downvotes.)