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offensive people (riot please read)

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Spoony Freak



I'm just creating this thread to post a pic of a team of opponents, who were extremely offensive from the very beginning for no apparent reason. First they got fed by bad Ashe and Sivir (Who ragequit later), then they started spewing out of their mouths not words, but some kind of ooze that can't be considered as a part of human language: DO YOU ENJOY GETING BABAED, NOOBS (many times) and etc, and when they recieved a response that they must be seriously troubled while they act like that and its kind of psychological problem, they started joking that they are adopted, their parents are dead and they can do whatever they want (seriously, I doubt any of this is true, still making fun of something like that is just infantile).
And then, result screen just leaves me speechless:


I've been sending reports for that kind of behaviour for a long time, but this time I feel like nothing can be done, and that reports are meaningless, that's why I made that thread.

Only Poppy and Alistair managed to stay decent and didn't participate in the flame at all.

I can take looses pretty well, but I can't take people who make me feel like ****. This is no fair play at all, and I don't think it shouldn't be encouraged by anyone.

(All of this happened on EU, but I'm posting it here because I feel that US forums are more popular).