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Team Lotus Needs a new Top Lane or Jungle for Season 3 Competition

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Be king

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1) Summoner Name : purple kaky

2) Age:21

3) Current/Top ELO: 1030 (realy dont even look at it im am easy a 1.5k player but i q dodge about 100 game in the past when my friend where getting on and wanted to play with me)

4) Country of Residence and Timezone: canada atlantic time

5) Position Applying for:jungler

6) Top 5 champions in that role: shyvana/skarner/nocturne/udyr/mundo

7) Champions you are least comfortable playing in that role: alistar

8) Working Skype and Microphone: yes

9) Are you okay with practices starting as early as 7 PM est and ending as late as 12 pm EST 3-5 times a week?: sure can do it 5 day on 5 and play some in the weekend too when i have nothing plan with my gf

10) Do you have a job and/or go to school? if so, what days will you be unable to practice: i work from 8am to 5pm so i can play evryday

Why would you pick me? i am a realy good counter jungler good ganker and my name is ben too.
Ben's a boss

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I am a top laner but i can play all positions. I specialize in top lane because i love the do or die mentality that it takes to win a top lane. I am an aggressive player with the mindset i will always win top lane, in order to counter act my aggressiveness and to cut my deaths down as much as possible I like my wards, bushes are kryptonite so vision is always nice. I love this game and I am looking to be just all that much more serious. I have 1641 normal wins because I was stubborn and disliked ranked for a long time.

1. Summoner name? WickedShot

2. Current/Top ELO? 1512 top is 1523

3. Do you have any competitive gaming experience? I played on a couple of ranked teams but lack of commitment made it so it never became too competitive

4. How many champions do you own? I own all except the useless champs in my book. I don't have Yi, Eve, Twitch, Mf, or Zil. I also down have yorick but I have personal issues with him. I own everyone else

5. How reliable is your internet connection? Very reliable, after fixing a disconnect issue last month, i haven't lagged or disconnected since (about 300 or so games)

6. Do you live inside the United States (answering "no" does not affect our decision)? Yes, Colorado

7. Are you 18 or older (answering "no" does not affect our decision)? Yes, 20

8. If we picked a team comp that was revolved around heavy ganks, and the enemy top picks Vlad. Who do you pick, and why?
I would pick olaf. The question is stating that the goal would be to effectively snowball top lane and shut down the Vlad depriving him of farm and level's. The tricky part is that vlad has great escape ability with his W. Olaf would be a great pick for this because his allows him to distance close while also doing massive damage with Q auto's from the W and his E while the cooldown on his Q allows for him to chase. Part of ganking top lane often is starting a fight and having the jungle jump in right after, olaf can out damage and tank a vlad early and mid game forcing the W from vlad which then allows for whatever cc the jungle has to take full effect and thus kill the vlad. Rinse and repeat. On top of that, olaf is a great champion to snowball.
9. Which solo top champions do you feel the most comfortable playing?
I love Olaf, Jax, Nid and Lee. I also like jarvan, malphite, darius, cho, irelia, swain, jayce, wukong and Ren. I also like a magic shred lulu up top but only on a team comp that needs more presence of cc in a team fight and not as much aoe damage.
10. Which solo top champions to you feel the least comfortable playing?
I am really not a good vlad and shen cause I'm not that patient to do anything til lvl 7 or higher. I'm an aggressive player but I'm smart about it. If that requires to ward more than 2 spots so i have all angles covered and i can spare the money, i'll do it. I don't like dieing and information is the most helpful thing in this game when trying to stay alive. I also don't like yorick in my opinion he isn't as fun because the skill factor isn't as much involved. Its all just recognition of when you have the advantage, however i do appreciate his team fight presence. I also can't play rumble, just can't seem to grasp that champion only one I can never do well with.
11. Are you okay with a practice schedule that changes weekly, but consists of the same basic concept of 3-5 times a week from 7 PM eastern - 11 PM eastern?
Yes i get off of work at 4 eastern time so its not a problem.