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Reviewing Streams!

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Ok, hey guys-

I am going to start reviewing new streamers if you would like to be reviewed. I enjoy watching streamers that are exceptionally new, because I get to talk to them and I get to see great potential! So for me to review you please fill out the following:

Stream Link:
Average Viewers:
Times You Stream:
How Often You Stream:

That's it! Easy right? And I will be writing the reviews on this post, so be sure to check this beginning post for your review.


*Link: http://www.twitch.tv/imkrsko/b/332321773
*Streaming Days and Times: Days-EVERYDAY (That's awesome) Times-7PM PST to 11/12PM PST on Weekdays, on Weekends 1PM PST to whatever time he can be on...
*Review: This guy has an AMAZING potential to get popular. He is interesting, and will answer ANY question dealing with gaming, no matter what game he is playing, or how off topic it is. He is wanting to get at least 50 viewers at once, and he started his streaming-career not to long ago. So if you are looking for a new player with great potential and that will explain many questions to you, start following him, or at least watch his streams.