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Creating 11 Rune pages+ Masteries! All come, one n all!

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Alright, as the title suggests, ive gotten myself 11 Rune Pages, along with 11 Mastery Pages( everyone can get those free of course. )

Anyhow, im wanting to try and make the most ideal/fluid rune pages i can, not just for one champ, but some that i can use for multiple champs. Why? Because im tired of going into a ranked game, and seeing some guy go " i cant play ADC, i dont have the runes for it ". My ass- i dont want to be that guy, for any role. So im trying to be the "filler" guy that can play any role. ( Yes before anyone asks, i have nearly all the champs, only missing- Corki, Karma, Galio, Jayce, LuLu, Sona, Wukong, and Zyra. )

Now lets begin! Heres a HUGE list of all the champs i play(i play all the champs obviously, but the ones i believe im good with) and what lanes i can play them in.

Ashe- Mid/Bot
Akali- Top/Mid
Brand- Mid
Caitlyn- Bot
Darius- Solo Top/Duo Top
Diana- Solo Top/Jungle/Mid
Dr. Mundo- Solo Top/Support/Tank Bottom
Fiora- Solo Top
Fizz- Solo Top/Mid
GangPlank- Solo Top
Heimdinger- Solo Top/Mid
Jax- Solo Top/(havnt tried jung, but need to)
Karthus- Mid
Kassadin- Mid
Kayle- Mid/Support Bot
Kennen- AP Solo Top/Mid ( i dont do AD kennen )
Leona- Solo Top/Mid/Tank Bottom
Malphite- Solo Top/Jungle
Mordekaiser- Solo Top/Mid
Nasus- Solo Top
Nautilus- Jungle/Tank Bot
Nocturne(Main)- Solo Top/Mid/Jungle/Roaming
Olaf- Solo Top
Pantheon- Solo Top
Rammus- Jung/Tank Bot
Rengar- Jungle
Riven- Solo Top
Shaco- Jungle
Shen- Solo Top/Jungle
Shyvanna- Solo Top/Jungle
Singed- Solo Top/Tank Bottom
Sion- Solo Top/Mid/Support Bot
Skarner- Solo Top/Jung
Syndra- Mid
Talon- Mid(Anti Caster)/Solo Top
Teemo- Solo Top/Mid/ADC bot
Tristana- Solo Top/Mid/ADC bot
Trundle- Jungle
Tryndamere- Solo Top
Volibear- Tank Bot
WarWick- Jungle
Xerath- Mid/Solo Top
Xin Zhao- Solo Top/Jungle
Ziggs- Mid

WHEW OKAY! Now i dont play on having ALL those champs on my rune pages, BUT i can get almost all of them. If you think some of those champs are just "outa style" and i should play diffrent champs on that list, then tell me why and how i should play them.

~ Im not saying im amazing, im here for a learning experiance and trying to make myself better, so flame, troll, give advice, whatever, i will read it and take it into consideration!

Heres my rune pages as of 9/15/12 as i posted this, along with the Masteries i use under the runes listings. ( should be obvious what ones i pick, just saying where i put the points at, so were all close on the same page/idea of what im doing )

Rune page 1-Attack Damage (used for most of my ADC or heavy hitting AD champs like Tryn/GP)
+20 Attack Damage
+4.5% Attack Speed

Masteries- 21-9-0

Rune Page 2-Ability Power (used for most of my Mid Champs, or heavy hitting AP's like Mordekaiser)
+45 Ability Power at level 18
+20 Ability Power

Masteries- 21-0-9

~ Pages from here on, are for specific champs that can use nearly the same runes, at least they can in my opinion

Rune Page 3-Nocturne, Pantheon, Olaf, Talon
+1.5% Move Speed
+25 Magic Resist at Level 18
+13 Armor
+22 Armor Pen

Masteries- 21-9-0

Rune Page 4-Diana/Sion/Xerath
+10% Attack Speed
+15 Ability Power
+15 Armor
+24 Magic Resist at Level 18

Masteries- 0-21-9

Rune Page 5- Shen
+3% Move Speed
+20 Armor
+24 Magic Resist at Level 18
+3.5 Magic Pen
+6 Armor Pen

Masteries- 9/21/0

Rune Page 6- Rammus, Malphite, Leona
+25 Armor
+24 Magic Resist at Level 18
+3% Move Speed

Masteries- 0/21/9

Rune Page 7- Amumu, Volibear, Dr. Mundo
+11 Armor
+28 Ability Power at Level 18
+8.0% Max Health

Masteries- 9/21/0

Rune Page 8- Jax, Teemo
+28 Ability Power at Level 18
+1.5% Move Speed
+10% Attack Speed
+17 Armor
+8.5 Armor Pen

Masteries- 21/9/0

Rune Page 9- Rengar, Xin Zhao
+17% Attack Speed
+13 Armor
+19 Magic Resist at Level 18
+4.5% Move Speed

Masteries- 21/1/8

Rune Page 10- Syndra
+15 Ability Power
+26 Ability Power at Level 18
+15 Magic Resist

Masteries- 13/17/0 ( tried to max out her CD )

Rune Page 11- Nautilus
+24 Magic Resist at Level 18
+21 Armor
+6.7 Armor Pen
+3.0% Move Speed

Masteries- 9/21/0

As i said before, im here to learn and adapt, and make changes, if you think i should change/combine more rune pages for champs together, suggest it please. If you need to know what specific masteries i use, tell me and ill reply to you.

Thanks everyone for reading

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Senior Member


Neither your AP or AD carries have any pen?

Bothers me I guess, but it's up to you how you want to set up your runes, whatever works for you is best.

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Well if you read, my Main AP and AD champs, such as the AP melters like annie, xerath, fiddle, morde, are all based on AP ratios, and i get the magic pen from masteries and in game items. Same goes for my AD carries as ashe, mf, trist, fiora, etc. Since they scale with AD way more than they need armor pen.

Now my assassins champs like panth, talon, nocturne, have plenty of armor pen from their runes, and i go straight AD items in game.