Mini-Game, Seek and Kill.

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Concept: To have two teams with one being the offense and the other being the defensive. Each team will have different objectives.

Blue Team: 1. Defend your captain(marked with oracles) by all means to prevent loss.
2. To win, you either have your captain stay alive until oracles disappears
(5 minutes) or to win by knocking down 250 hp of the enemy Nexus by
Purple Team: 1. Prevent the enemy team from capturing any points to prevent defeat.
2. To kill the blue team's designated captain who's marked with oracles.

-The game is ran by Draft Mode.
-By the one minute mark, the blue team must let the other team know who's their chosen captain.
-The captain must activate their oracles upon and by the 1:30 mark. No later nor earlier.
-When the purple team's Nexus is down to 250 health or the oracles on the captain runs out, blue team wins.
-When the captain of blue team is dead, purple team wins.
-Once a point is captured, it cannot be recaptured by the Purple Team.
-Capturing can only begin by the 3 minute mark.
-Any champion, abilities, and summoner spells are allowed except flash.