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Orianna Buld Idea - On Hit/AP

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Hi everyone! I've been playing a decent bit of Orianna recently, and have been considering recently the possiblity of running her more along the lines of a 'Teemo on-hit' build, rather than a straight AP build.

I consider this due to the extra Magic Damage that Orianna recieves when she attacks a target consistantly, and her ability to use her ball effects very quickly, allowing her to be able to autoattack for damage, at a rather high rate, and take advantage of boosted Ability Power, alongside a small boost in Attack Damage and Attack Speed.

My current thoughts for the build are as such (the final items):

-Sorcerer's Shoes/Berserker Greaves
-Rod of Ages
-Guinsoo's Rageblade
-Rabadon's Deathcap/Madred's Bloodrazor
-Lich Bane

This would be built as such:

Buy 1: Boots of Speed, 3 health pots
Buy 2: Catalyst the Protector
Buy 3: Rod of Ages
Buy 4: Guinsoo's Rage Blade
Buy 5: Dagger, Dagger, Aplifying Tome
Buy 6: Malady, Needlessly Large Rod
Buy 7: Rabadon's Deathcap
Buy 8: Sheen, Blasting Wand
Buy 9: Lich Bane

Suppliment with Elixors from there on.

Of course that's not set in stone, and can have some supplimental items, but that would be how I would want to set it up. I considered the possibility of a Frozen Mallet, but remembered Ori's W sets of a nice slow, which would mean technically its not needed, especially after the small movement speed buff on Lich Bane at the end.

The main idea is still gaining Ability Power and Mana, to allow for large damage and spammability, however, this also relies on the fact that Orianna can then 'shred' the target's Magic Resist with Malady to allow for increased hits with her Ball and corresponding effects, combined with the bonus 20 Magic Damage from that hit, further supplemented by Ori's own passive, which gains 15% of her Ability Power as well. When used with Lich Bane, after using her Command: Attack, or really, any of her abilities, she can gain some extra, massive, damage, thanks to her autoattacks.

I feel Ori just has the ability to be a more Autoattack based champion than she is used now, and am very curious how viable this is. If you fellow Summoners would be willing to take a look, perhaps try it out, and give me some feedback it would be hugely appreciated. I could be on to something, or I could just be being incredibly stupid, but I'd love to know either way :P

Thanks all!