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How to succeed and have a good time

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Ok, this is coming from a pretty well experienced player. In all my days of playing league the absolute number 1 thing in my opinion is be humble and have a good heart. You may be a good player who makes the plays and etc but no one will like you if you're a jerk.

To be a good leader and succeed in ranks or any other mode:
1. be a good and well experienced yourself
2. Be kind and humble
3. Shower your team with compliments to boost morale and confidence
4. Learn from mistakes
5. be cool headed
6. Play a champ who can hard carry incase your team is not meeting your standards
7. Know that you can't win em all
8. Do not blame your team mates, blame yourself or tell them what they could have done in a polite manner or accept the fact that they are human and make mistakes
9. Don't be a toxic player
10. Respect the end result and don't boast, you are only gonna ruin your reputation

I may not be a gold player yet or even ranked since I'm just starting out in ranked and my experience being humble and making the shots and rewarding your team seems to work out, even if you get a troll just ignore him and try to help your team to ignore him or help the troll out and let him get a good score. Most trolls will stop trolling once they realize that it isn't working and they might actually win.

If any of you guys have other thoughts or suggestions please feel free to express them.
If you disagree with me, thats fine and i acknowledge it
If you are gonna troll me, know that you are only hurting your self in the long run

p.s feel free to add me and chat and maybe even duo que with me.