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Please vote every 4 sections or just type it out in your post.

2 Dorans + Vamp Scepter 1 50%
Wriggles Lantern 0 0%
Phantom Dancer (After zeal) 1 50%
Infinity Edge (After Zeal) 1 50%
Heal 0 0%
Cleanse 1 50%
Vampirism 0 0%
Havoc 1 50%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 2 .

Kog'Maw builds analysis. Only pro Kog'Maws allowed here.

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Junior Member


Hello my fellow pro Kog'Maws! I need your advice on the Kog builds I'm about to present below (I only play AD):

Build 1 (Heal + Flash):
boots + 3 pots
2 dorans
vamp scepter
Berserker boots
Phantom Dancer
Infinity Edge
Last Whisper
Guardian Angel
Blood Thirster

Build 2 (Cleanse + Flash):
Boots + 3 pots
Wriggle's Lantern
Last Whisper

The 2 builds are very similar. However, the differences are the trasitioning period from early to mid game and the summoner spells.

-2 Dorans and Vamp Scepter vs Wriggle's Lantern

-PDancer vs IE (which one to get first after Zeal? Only exception is if I have Nunu, I'll rush for IE)

-Cleanse vs Heal

I did not put masteries above but they're almost identical except 1st build has 3 points in Vampirism that gives 3% lifesteal while the 2nd build has 3 points in Havoc that gives 1.5% damage increase.

-Vampirism 3% lifesteal vs Havoc 1.5% damage increase

I am a by the book person. I know sometimes I have to change by builds to adapt to the opposing team. However, I would like you guys to pick one side in order and tell me why its better 90% of the time.

There are 4 choices that begins with -.

Ex) -Flash vs Ghost

1st poster: -Flash is better on Kog.

Help appreciated.