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Finally a build for Rengar that might work

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Warning: this is not a jungle build

I've been try very hard to figure out how Rengar can feel more like a champion and less like a super minion. so i tried a build that i used on teemo a few times and it actually did well (compared to straight ad or ap build) so here is the list of items I used:

Boots of mobility (dosent really matter if u pick these i just wanted to gank fast)
Guinsoo's rage blade
Bonetooth necklace (can be switched for maybe a bloodthirster)
Wit's end
Guardian Angel

it would be awesome if you would try it out and tell me what u think, ive done ok with it but never really get to try it out as i seem to always have 1 afk on my team for like the last 5 matches (somethings going on)

P.s. i start with a Amp tome and 1 hp potion with ap runes/masteries

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Heh, I had a jungle rengar on my team the other day. He died in the initial clear (on red i think?), but his ganks were absurd. He would do 60% hp dmg to enemies in 0.2s

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This build laning where? Solo-top?
This build may work... but it doesn't supply him with any health at all.
I tried a similar build and didn't like it at all. Sure, it was strong but it left him super vulnerable in team-fights. He was way too squishy. I like to build him more tanky.