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Dominate Dominion Top 5 Plays Of The Week! Coming Soon!

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DD TheFeedski:
If you're interested in helping review plays that also takes a load off my back.

Well, I'm very limited in what I could do to help. But I am willing to help out where I can. If everyone just does a little, then I'm sure we can do some pretty amazing things.

Just a quick suggestion, it's been a while, and i know how much effort everyone puts in DD, so great work

On the other hand, why not make it top 10 play of the month?

My suggestion is that until Dominate Dominion gets the manpower to brings these out on a regular basis, they just make "Top 5 Play" videos on no set schedule. I think five is really nice number. Sometime short, sweet, and to the point is best.

There should be some method that lets you know if your review got rejected, accepted, or still under review.
That might be hard to do though.

My suggestion that that DD doesn't even try to go this route. The guy who make the "Top 5/3" videos on YouTube actually keeps some plays in reserve. He actually brought them out when apparently there were issues with LoLReplay.