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~~ ~~ ~~ LF 3v3 Player!

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Well, Hi there!
As you see this patch, getting platinum is easier than before, of course there's a new badge now that's replacing Plat, Perhaps i'm looking for a good guy to work for at least platinum, i'm not that pro in 3s, but I've been in 1600s+Elo on it.

I got my team [1593Elo] But unfortunately one of my teammates quit, and it has been inactive for a while, also i was on a team called " Op Solo Bros " 1600s+ as well, so i kinda looking for players at least 1500+ to give it a shot, and why not maybe get better as we learn, but my cap for this end of the season is Platinum! So Cheers guys!

Add me in game: Diismas
Or feel free to leave a comment here! Thank you for your time.

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Level 5 Sommy

Junior Member


Add me. my Summoner's name is "Sukoobi"