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Few Questions about the Meta

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Hi, me and a few friends were looking into getting into the 3v3 ranked scene and I was wondering a few things about the meta. First and foremost is about jungling, we all have experience jungling in 5v5 but don't know if or how it is different in twisted treeline.

The second questionable part about twisted treeline to us is what makes certain champs good were others are ****. Is it the ability to 1v1 or is it some other factors? For example , we see that champs like Jax and Trynd see play and are high ranked on the tier list but at the same time seeing a pretty squishy AP in Cass ranking high alongside tanky APs like Malph and Singed.

Those were pretty much the only 2 points that alluded us to an extent while we were researching. Any input is appreciated and thanks in advance.

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Garlyle Wilds

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Jungling is difficult in TT. If you want to do it, there are only a handful of champs that can really do it - this is because the jungle spawns are somewhat random. Getting a bad initial jungle camp on your side can really hurt, and... well, yeah. It's not uncommon for junglers to begin by being in lane for a couple levels, then starting to jungle once they can do so more safely.

It's also not really that mandatory in TT to have a dedicated jungler at all - it's not unreasonable to push minions to your opponent's turret and then back off to go eat some jungle, or to have a dedicated roamer who munches on monsters between ganks. Do, however, do your best to manage the major targets - the two white wraits in the top jungle (Big movement speed buff!), Ebonmaw (Worth 290g a piece in this mode!), and the Lizard Elder in the center.

As for what makes a good champ in TT? I would argue self-sufficiency. You have less room in general to be squishy or to leave yourself vulneurable - burst-and-then-do-nothing mages can have a very hard time due to being helpless once they burn their cooldowns, for instance; but a mage like Cassiopeia is pretty much never disarmed completely. Duelists like Jax and Trynd are in this place for that reason. Displacers also help a lot - those that can separate the enemy team (eg Singed, Gragas) in case of an emergency, to secure a kill or keep a target from running.

I'm not really a veteran to TT though; hell I'm only starting to really get into it recently, so... yeah. Take this with a grain of salt.