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So I just got Sona, because I wish to play her for my support. I kinda get the idea of how she's a poke support so it's usually bet to level q first. Other than that, what tips would you guys have to help me be a good sona/support player?

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You're not a usual support: you don't max your Q/W before the other just because you think one's more useful to the way the champion is played. Whenever I play Sona I ask my ADC if they want a heal or poke first. Usually you'd do what they say, but if you have, for example, a Caitlin + Taric in bot lane as opposed to a Kog'Maw + Soraka, you're going to max something different. For the C+T combo, it'll be your heal (unless your carry is skilled) and for the latter it'll be your poke.

... Usually.

Anyway, as Sona, you basically play her by waiting at the edge of the bush and poking with her Q, healing (even when they don't need a heal) to get your passive up so that your next poke does huge damage with that double AD AA. There's really not much to it.

For some general tips regarding her other characteristics:

- Do not spam your heal whenever your partner is hit: your W's aura gives them defenses and they should be able to heal it up fairly quickly if you just W them once and wait for them to use some pots or get a bit of life steal. Unless their morons, your W shouldn't become a mana issue.

- Make use of your passive's other effects, not just your Q's. If you know your ADC is in trouble and running back to the turret for dear life, W>E>Q>AA isn't going to save them: Try a W>Q>E>AA: it'll heal your partner and significantly lower their pursuer's damage output while giving them a speed boost to run away. Same thing if you're going for a kill: your Q>AA will probably do less damage than your partner and possibly steal the kill off of them. If you've noticed that your ADC is going for the kill, aid THEIR damage with a Q>E>W>AA. Get their armour down!

- KNOW WHEN TO USE YOUR ULTIMATE. Too many Sona's engage a single player from the other team to secure the kill and are useless early game during team fights because your best trait is on cooldown. If your team is intent on killing this single player then it's safer not to waste your stun on them since they're probably already baiting you or getting back up to come as soon as possible. Save your ultimate for THAT time.

- Stay far away from the other team unless it's necessary to go into the fight. You're a squishy support with no escapes or (easy) disables. All of your skills are ranged and should be used outside of the team fight. The only time you should ever actually be in a teamfight is to activate an item's active (shield, speed etc) or set off your ultimate. After doing either of these you should back out and just continue spamming your abilities and degenerating their ADC's attack speed or armour. Do NOT Q>AA during team fights unless you're the only one who can get the kill because, as Sona, you WILL steal the kill. It's very hard not to steal kills as Sona if you don't know what you're doing.

Keep these in mind and you'll do fine.

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To add to this - it seems like a really tiny thing, but a lot of Sonas don't use their auras properly in teamfights. You should try to shoot your spells off in volleys, in order to keep one specific aura active all the time. Remember that auras only persist for one second after you swap to a new one.

Her auras may seem small, but picking the strongest 'permanent' aura for the scenario at hand is just as important as using your passive properly. When you're team's initiating the fight or when you're winning, you'll want the extra damage. When your team is in a tough fight or you're not sure they can win handily, you'll want the extra armor and MR. If you're chasing or escaping, you'll possibly want the movement speed (though not necessarily).

Be flexible, judge the situation, and adapt. None of her auras by themselves are mighty gamechangers, but small advantages add up and can make all the difference in the end.