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Help with Ranked

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me and 2 of my friends are trying to get into ranked twisted treeline. The parentheses mean the champions we own and can use. As of now our comp is usually a tanky DPS (Jax, Riven, Irelia, Lee sin, nocturne, GP, sion, wukong, shyvana, mundo). A tank with strong cc (nunu, malphite, galio, amumu, alistar). And a tanky catser with good CC (Morgana, Kennen, Rumble, Swain). Bans are the area we have issue. we know that if we dont have first pick we wanna ban amumu and jax. We want darius gone and we know shacos strong on TT, is there anyone else equally or more important to ban? If anyone can help us on our quest for war hero Janna please give advice and thank you