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Jungling MUMU

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Double Dorans seems like a total waste on Amumu. HoG + Philosopher does the job.
Double dorans would just go to waste in the end whereas, HoG can be turned into Randuins and Philosophers ino Shur. Rev. - Also keep in mind - you need to be getting some extra gold for wards as well which proves the gp5 to be better, in my opinion. Be wary that your ganks may fail which leads to you not getting supports = NO money.

i main amumu i was doing the gp5 build but since i can buy 2 doran and shorceres shoes for 1700 gold i do way much domage the if i had HoG and a philo for the same price
go chek this, try it an give me a feed back


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The Mobafire guide posted on the first page is largely what I use, and it works wonders.

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Double dorans no. Philo stone yes. Jungling is slow gold and you need a GP5.

Red runes, try mag pen, much better than ad. If you are really doing the autoattack route, then AS, which is generally superiour in dam output if you attack constantly, and will also let you spread your passive around the camp.