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Looking to buy a tank

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I bought Amumu as my first character, am level 13 almost now with a 30-20 win / loss ratio and average 20 kills / assists a game with him.

He's amazing just read a few guides to help you get started on some builds. Also he is a good jungler but jungling seems difficult for me as a new player I'm afraid I'll fail miserably at it so I just lane carefully. You can do very well laning if you learn to play him right, but if you're in a lane against 2 range characters be VERY careful. The first 6 levels if you're facing 2 range champs in your lane will be very dangerous, be careful not to feed, just hug tower and use E for minion AOE control once they reach the tower. The champs won't rush you usually at this level. Oh and until you get 6 items almost always have at least 1 hp pot, it really is nice for 35 gold. I always have 1 until I need that 6th slot for a final item or until way late in the game.

I can't tell you a build to get because I change mine depending on the game. While dead don't waste that time, use it to buy and also use scoreboard to look at enemies items to decide if you should stack Armor, or Magic Resist. The only thing I can advise though is I think Regrowth Pendant into Phil Stone is better then Doran's shield as a starting item. My reasoning behind this is shield doesn't build into anything so its a wasted 450gold and within the first 10 minutes the bonuses are obsolete compared to other items you could potentially have built up to. Within the first 10 mins (or 6 levels) you're not aggressing too much anyways, but you want to avoid returning to base so you can keep up in levels.

Once you get 6 and get your ult those range champs aren't as threatening. Coordinate with your lane partner and carry exhaust and ignite. Bandage in (stuns them) when stun breaks ult (stuns again) if not dead exhaust and ignite to death, that's a good general gank, of course with W/E going, and pop a health pot beforehand if you want sometimes helps.

Use those vision pots to set up vision between mid lane and yours so you know when you're about to be in for a gank (90 gold and last for 4.5 mins, so 2 should be good for an entire game as the beginning is when you're in most danger for ganks), and hug tower or hide in brush towards mid and gank the ganker with your partner

Overall I love Amumu, and honestly even when I don't have 10+ kills and am living off 5+ with lots of assists, I still don't feel threatened by other "tanks". By level 14+ I'm almost not afraid of anything as long as I have a half decent team. 3/4 of my less-than-half-a-dozen deaths are between level 1-8.

Oh Blitz, Chrono guy, and Singed are my toughest opponents usually (early game) Be ESPECIALLY careful if laning against those guys.

Also gotta grow a pair. And yes sometimes your team will abandon you and you'll die alone, crying, wrapped in bandages.

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Aemon Darkstar

Senior Member


Just popping in here to clarify, Singed is NOT A TANK. I really hope people start understanding this. Yes, his passive gives him really good HP, and yes he has a form of CC with AoE slow, but that's all his tanking ability. He CANNOT sit in one place and take a pounding, like Shen or Rammus or Amumu. Or even Alistar for that matter. Singed is meant to be mobile. He's an off-tank, and that too at mid-late game once you've propped him with some good armor/MR items. And a lot of people prefer building him AP instead.