Steve; the Gunasaurus

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"Steve was a normal T-rex until a mistake with a time travel device went horribly wrong; it switched his brain with a cowboy from the late 19th century american west. Lost and abonded in a world even harsher that the american west, he had to fend for himself. However, a magical map appeared on day, and transported him to a mystical cave. When the asteriod struck, instead of killing him, it began the process of an enchanted sleep.Upon waking up, instead of being in our normal world, he was transported to the edge of the Twisted Treeline in the LoL. Now, He fights side by side with twisted fate, hoping to use the card sharks magic powers th return home."

"It's your turn to go extitnct!"-Steve

Q: Bite; steve lunges at a nearby enemy, dealing a chunk of damage. Restore 2%/3%/4%/5% health. Deals 20/30/40/50 dmg.

W: Fang Shot: Steve fire a quick bullet at a nearby ememy. If it hits, deals normal 50/60/75/90 damage. if it misses, deals 20% magic damage of the orginal dmg in an explosion.

E: Stomp: steve does a short leap into the air, crashing down and knocking all nearby enemies into the air. Stomp deals 50/60/70/80 dmg, then 30/40/50/60 magic dmg for AoE.
(passive appls to champions here as well)

R: Extintction shot: Fires a slow moving metor down a line that knock back all enemies it hits;also deals burning magic dmg in a trail behind it. Deals 70/80/90/100 dmg, trail burn for 10% magic dmg.

Passive: walk the dinosaur; Steve can stomp over minions, dealing 5/6/7/8 true damage to them.
(passive also generate a neautral buff, "Open the door" when you run over it, it says "get on the floor")

He literally came to me in about 5 seconds when disscussing with a friend the stupidest champion we could think of. His sister made a joke about a T-rex in a cowboy hat; this gem resulted.