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Convince me Teemo isn't a terrible champion...

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Joe Krake

Senior Member


I hate teemo because no other champ can suck the fun out of a game like he can.

ANd not being able to see his mushrooms in a warded bush with oracles active is seriously bull****.

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Senior Member


Here's the thing with Teemo he CAN be effective and in order to be effective he needs to play like an ad carry. Always positioning behind the team, always being just out of reach of the enemy. Teemo's entire kit is set up to harass and get away. If you and standing toe-to-toe with Darius then you are playing Teemo wrong. Also if you are going to pick Teemo top you need to coordinate with your jungler and/or your support and make one or both are tanks. You do this because in the current meta the tank typically goes top. I've only seen a handful of good Teemo players and a lot of terrible ones. I would suggest building him on hit magic dps similar to Anti-Carry Warwick(Wits End, Frozen Heart, Madreds, Malady, Etc). Teemo isn't a terrible champ just alot baddies play him similar to the new craze with Oriana and Ezreal, but once you see a good Teemo you won't think he's bad. Oh and for the record I hate Teemo with a ****ing passion.

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To preface, I have never played Teemo.

I have several friends who swear by Teemo, and seem to think that he is the ultimate counter to like, half of top lane.

I, on the other hand, smile and fist pump when I see a Teemo on the other team, because I know it's a free win.

I feel like his only use is for his blind, and he gets free wards from himself. There is nothing apart from these that any champion can't do infinitely better.

The only champ I feel like Teemo counters is Tryndamere... Any champion that does significant damage with abilities will absolutely dominate Teemo....

Late game, Teemo just melts. hardly contributes a thing to a team fight.

AP Teemo is a gimmick I feel, if you can't lure the other team into a field of shrooms, it's like you are playing 4v5.

Please explain how people think this champion is worth choosing.

I won't convince you to use him but as my best character I can assure you the teemos you played against probably built him wrong or they were too aggressive or they built pure AD which isn't recommended. I usually play teemo passive-aggressive until i feel the time is right to go for the kill.