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Looking for new AP mid.

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I'm currently looking at 2 very underplayed ap mids and is quite interested in buying one of them, despite their rumors.
First being Anivia, who have superb zone control and cc, but awkwardly slow and quite hard to manage well.
Second being Xerath who have the best range in the entire game, but anyone with a gap closer can instant kill this poor guy.

I could wait for Syndra too, if anyone in PBE can explain to me about her effectiveness and gameplay.

'actually people with gap closers DON'T instantly kill him, he has such long range that he can stay under tower AND out of range of their blinks or gap closers, even without a turret. and if they do blink to you, Xerath can just e, ult (after that they're stunned) then ult another 2 times, and q. they're dead by then. as for syndra.... she's all about controlling her ball xD. but seriously, her main skill is her q, which simply does some dmg in an area and leaves her ball there, from there she can use other abilities, so syndra is good if you can put down about 3 of those on the enemy, then use w to slow, then e to stun, then ult, and all the time have 3 balls near your enemy....