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2 v 2 AcexShadow's Tournament $70 prize pool

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Junior Member


Simply put:
Tournament date: 29/9/2012 (Australian time)
Tournament time: 10 am (EAST) America 5pm Friday (PST). Till finish
Tournament style: 2v2 Single Elimination with best of 3 finals
Map: Proving Grounds
Prize Pool: $40 for first
$20 for second
$10 for third

A list of registered users will be available here:
I will try to up date it daily

Team size: 3 (2 players 1 Sub)
Cost per team: $5
When Registering please tell me:
Your team Name:
Your Summoner names: (specify mains and Sub)
Please send your $5 via PayPal to:

Winning team must present me with picture of the stat screen to announce their victory.
You will have 10 minutes to start the game once the previous round is completely over.
I will be live streaming random games.

Any questions please email.

Looking forward to a great day