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Support with Promote: Viable?

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I spotted this strategy during the last PAX. I think the idea was that at a certain point the support would roam to mid, promote the siege minion, and fall back to bot to help mid shove their lane and try to take a turret quickly.

Of course, this was being done by a professional team who's in complete coordination with each other... would this be viable at all in solo queue?

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no because the moral of your team has decreased by 15%.

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I would say no. The main reason why it even worked for the original team you spoke of had to be due to the complete coordination and possibly even a little incompetence from their opponents. Not saying promote never works but in solo queue there are much better choices that your team won't rage at you for, eg: heal, exhaust, maybe clairvoyance.

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do it once with your friends
its honestly not bad, you just have to be smart about it

did this in normals with a 5 man (only need 3 really) premade
you skip the jungle, get heavy pushers and a disable at bot and just constantly beat the lane down

to make it a guaranteed success, kill one of the bot lane players at level 1 so that there is a constant mismatch and the jungle will have a hard time ganking.

downside to this is obviously you lose map control but there are a few work arounds
its a cheese strategy and as such if your opponents expect it, it can get completely shut down but once it gets going it is insanely hard to stop

the comp we were running at bot was MF or Cait, Leona, and Kayle
could work with any AD really, except EZ and Vayne, they just need to be able to clear waves fast
mf clears faster than cait but cait offers extra utility through traps and since kayles there as well wave clearing shouldnt be a problem

the idea is to accelerate the game to a point where the opposing team cant keep up
your AD still gets all the farm and the idea for the other two is to get their gold from gp10s and global objectives as well as any kills that might come by

after you down a turret you can either rotate your lanes to slow the level disadvantage or continue to beat bot lane down because there was no reaction from the opposing lanes teammates

one obvious weakness to this are the other lanes. if youre pulling this strategy off but your other lanes are feeding, you will get ganked by those lanes that are ahead and since exp is being split by 3 instead of 2 youll just end up further behind.

i didnt see the match at PAX but from what i heard they switched their spells at the last second so the other team had less time to prepare for what was about to happen and they got bum rushed hard

the comp i used didnt run teleport but if you do use teleport you can force constant numbers disadvantages and unfavourable fights

overall the strategy has its checks and counters and is high risk high reward.
competitively its hard to pull off but in blind pick where anything can go the success rate is better

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i would perhaps run it in a kill lane and with a tanky support, like leona or perhaps alistar. just take exaust and promote and try to get a kill early so you can get the wave pushing, then promote a minion and take the bot turret early. this might let you roam and gank for mid and top (maybe) and counter jungle your opponent. the reason this might work with a tanky support is because they dont suffer as much from losing flash, as they are tankier then other bot lane champs and can run away faster, especially leona at level 6, when she can ult and run.

i have not tested this at all but i think that, in a certain senerieo, could work well for an extremely aggressive team that has a plan to take towers early and snowball.

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It is viable in premade with a team comp that is focus around global control with the ability to push down turret.

The thing about having promote on the support is that you have the ability to force one lane to push from basically any location of the map, as long as there is a siege minion, what this means is that you must often be away from your siege minion after you promote it, so that it will push the turret down (or at least do a good degree of damage) while you are at some other locations, forcing or sieging the enemy by force.

In other words, teams with shen, TF, or strong pusher like AD Nid or Jax can be really benefited from the promote, while other times it might still be better off to go with exhaust or even clairvoyance.