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Rune page advice.

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Senior Member


So for olaf (my TT main now lol) im running a full rune page of armor which gives abt 40armor and masteries which give about 6 more so i dont have to build armor early game and can be more aggro. This works sometimes. Any ideas on positive changes i could make?

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Flat Armor Seals are a must on virtually every champion and every build for Twisted Treeline.

However for Olaf, here are some viable choices:

-Attack Damage (for an early game advantage)
-Armor Penetration (my personal choice)

-Health (makes your bonus armor more effective, because HP x Resist = Tank)
-Attack Damage
-Armor Penetration

-Magic Resist/Level (Mid/Late game, Olaf tends to run into trouble when people get a Bloodrazers; this helps combat that)
-Armor (the Glyph slots are your weakest slots as Olaf, so you wouldn't be sacrificing much by keeping these as Armor)
-Cooldown Reduction/level (most builds on Olaf don't get you CDR capped,and being able to ult more often and deliver your True Damage more often can be a game-changer).

P.S. If you do choose to go Attack Damage Marks and Quintessences, make sure to pick up one Attack Damage Glyph to make your bonus Attack Damage round up to 16 from 15.