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Spoils of the Hunt

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My first attempt at a story based on "Rengar, the Pridestalker". Given limited knowledge of this awesome champion I will try to stick as close as I can to his lore and also the lore of the game and other wicked hunters/assasins.

Spoils of the Hunt

The soothing trance of the rain reaching it's destination in the jungle enthralled any creature foolish enough to be out in the storm. And at night.
Rengar recalled his lessons, though, more like lectures that dominated his youth as a prodigal hunter;


"Is the prey in your hands yet?", asked his father in a quiet tone, studying the thick brush that bordered the clearing. Silently and knowingly he shook his head in response, amazed that his father didn't even have to directly look at him to know where he was looking.
"Then stop staring at your hands and focus with your instincts".
Though his voice was a whisper, the message was felt with tone.


Among the branches, the hissing of the many droplets of water on the earth and leaves seemed like he was in one of the many crowds back at the League of Legends. Many voices to be heard, but the one you need to find would always seem to be the loudest...


"Do you hear the disturbed rustling of the leaves, Rengar?", his father beckoned. Nodding, the pair inched closer to the edge of the bush. "Concentrate on how different that sounds than normal leaves rustling in the wind..."


Ears twitching at every trickle and splash, he caught the scent. Eyes narrowing he made his way closer...


"Calm... and steady", his father commented as he was studying the twitching actions of his adopted, prodigal son.
"Check your path... and your distances..."


There, amongst the flash of lighting, the unmistakable outline of an enormous Boar behind the coverage of leaves...
He tensed up, a hundred times playing out the scenario. The kill.
Exploding and roaring he leapted onto the rock to catch his prey from higher ground, and with speed matching that of the suprised Boar he drove his blade through the softer part of the Boar's skull, behind the ear, killing it as instant as it was frozen in fear.
Rengar recalled the loud hiss of his father's arrow that sank deep into the neck of the Dire Wolf that was bearing down on him, startling him in real-time.


"FOOL", echoed the remnants of his father's voice from many years ago.
"You forget how easily the hunter can become the hunted."


It was at that moment he heard the sound of interrupted rain drops on the rock behind him. It was an unsure moment, but Rengar caught on right away.
"Go back to your mansion in Zaun, Wolf-man. These are MY hunting grounds", warned an upset Rengar, whose back was turned clenching his bloodied hunting blade.

"Are they? Pussycat?", questioned Warwick, half-growling, slowly circling around Rengar.
Challengingly, Rengar faced his intruder, mimicing the slow predatory movement Warwick was making.
Rengar replied after a slow, uneasy bout of moments;

"They are. Dog.", bearing his clenched teeth.
Both of the predator's hairs were standing up rigid, studying eachother's gaps and weaknesses, finding neither around the ring they were making.
Darius, emerging from the bushes bellowed,

"ENOUGH! I've a private message from Noxus."

Making his way between the two rivals, he continued his message, facing Rengar.
"There is a matter that requires your certain... skillset."

"So you came to ask me to do your jobs for you...",
Rengar replied, eyes still fixed on the staring Warwick.

"I didn't ask you anything. I'm telling you to go to Noxus immediately and report to High Councillor Swain."

Showing his level of interest, Rengar smirked and spoke casually,
"Taking the dog for walk?"

As Warwick growled, Darius moved foward unimpressed, "I wouldn't need him if you would actually live somewhere civilized. You were raised by humans were you not?", Darius questioned as he pointed axe to Rengar, "Noxus. NOW."

Lightning cracked as he turned to leave and nodded at Warwick to follow his direction. Rengar's dinner was losing heat, and in the rain, it was losing heat fast. Warwick shot back one last comment,
"you gonna eat that?"

"I just lost my appetite.", Rengar retorted with mockery.

He kept his eyes, but mostly his ears on them as they exited his marked territory.
Noxians. They only understand one word. Strength. Respond to only one thing. Fear.
Though recognizing the pretentions of Noxians, he himself would often find Noxus preferable to the shiny streets of Demacia if he ever were to become "civilized."
He was never one to act on the voice of another, but Darius' words had provoked past thoughts. "What if I would come to like the civilized?", he thought as he prepared to butcher the carcass, skinning, with practised ease, the skin off the Boar. "This life has always tailored my needs. The thrill of the hunt... The riteous claim to pride...", he began the evisceration process, careful not to rupture the rectum or bladder. "There may be a time...", but he nearly shuddered at the thought.
Hauling the soon to be fresh-tasting meat back to the "processing area" of his den, he would not forget the huge set of tusks his prey provided. The price of the Hextech eye-patch the Yordle named Heimerdinger custom-crafted for him after that fateful incident came at no material price, but of a price of that of a hunter.

"I will repay you, little one.", he stated aloud.
"With coin... or blood."


The rain was letting up at the same rate the vegetation was near the border of the jungle. The pair of messengers were soaked, but the task was completed. After an hour of dredging through soaking mud and leaves in the dark, Darius decided to enlighten his guide, as well as a torch.

"It was either him or that madman Sh--... that Demon Jester."

"We both know how that would turn out", replied an unsatisfied Warwick. "The terms of the agreement would change faster than you could say funny if we went to him."

The two knew better to speak the Demon Jester's name. Mainly in fear of him magically appearing behind one of them, as he did so very often on Summoner's Rift.

"We come all the way down here to exchange a few words...I feel as if I was robbed of potential glory", Warwick said, opening up to conversation.

"Don't get me wrong Warwick, but you were in his territo-"

"-Exactly. Defeating a rival in his territory would have made this trek so worthwhile, yet, here we are soaked in the midst of the jungle. I'm not in the mood to discuss Noxian protocol when it comes to messaging right now, but I was here first and I will NOT be made a stepping stone for his glory". Said an agitated Warwick.

"Establishing dominance I see...", Darius said in a casual tone as they were approaching the caravan. "I understand where you're coming from. This situation with the league and our rising leadership does not go unchecked. Demacia will bow it's once proud head to the true rulers of Valoran."

"Demacia does not hunt. Noxus doesn't either. There are few in Runeterra who claim to be the best hunter to walk this land ever. Don't bring your politics to the wild. It doesn't belong here."

"Do you forget you were once a man?", retorted Darius. "When Noxus called for you, as I recall it in my younger career, you welcomed us with open arms. Look at how Zaun has become since. There has never been a better place to spear-head controversial magic! And all because of what?", Darius hinted.

"Your thirst for war?", Warwick replied with haste, tilting his ear over his shoulder in anticipation.

"Exactly. Politics.", Darius shot back with a smile.

Moments past as they finally approached the hidden camp site. A group of Noxian summoners and guards were waiting in the dark, as if being careful not to be seen. The pair made it to the edge of a small clearing, and Warwick howled shortly 2 times, which then Darius proceed to clang his axe-handle with a metal bar. The site lit up and they were greeted.

"Lord Darius, there were no complications, and we were not followed." a Summoner reported.

"Good. Start the ritual, I want to leave as little a trace as possible."

"Your command", replied the Summoner, as he hastened the others with a series of hand motions.

They lined up forming a square, levitating before each of them a dim-glowing purple crystal.
After simultaneously chanting a spell, a portal opened before the quartet. Quickly making his way to the guard who were standing near, Darius issued them last minute orders, whispering "Scour the area. Nothing lives.", and with a quick nod they dispersed as fast as the portal closed.

interesting thought the swift scout, finally emerging from his spot and on his way back to somewhere safe.


Emerging from his den, the Pridestalker let out a roaring yawn to accompany the rays of the sun.

Today I shall pay back the deed Rengar thought as he was planing out the day whilst packing supplies. Beneath the dragon's majestic skull on the wall sat two great boar tusks. Looking at them now Rengar thought they had to be some kind of record. The boar was huge... but it couldn't be that big... The shear size and integrity rivaled that of Mammoths. It had to have been an alpha.

"I will make enough coin with these...", stating loudly whilst looking them over. Roping them together, he made his way out of the den, setting dried ground stone powder before the exit.

Trusting anything to do with Noxians required fail-safes and backup planning. What could they possibly want from me? Rengar thought while leaping from rock to branch. The path to the nearest town, Vinesworth, was on not meant for the lame-footed from where he hailed from. Cliff-running was par, as well as the soaked earth that never ceased to saturate. Jumping from cliff to rock to the odd root sticking out of the cliff wall was the best choice of travel. Staying on the winding paths of the mountainous area would take a good week to travel. Never mind the Lizard tribes...

Upon reaching less jagged landscape he knew from here on out it was less than an hour by trail. But as luck would have it, the largest Lizard elder he has been keeping an eye out for months was feasting on it's prey just beyond a thicket of trees on a small jutting cliff. The opportunity could not have been better presented. Preparing for glory he hung the tusks from a tree and made his way into the brush.
The wind was coming toward him from his target.
The sun was to the right side of elder, which he was facing.
I didn't make that sound he thought, shooting his perception everywhere around him.
The lizard elder's ear just twitched slightly, and was feasting with less intensity now.
Where's your clan, elder? he silently questioned his prey to check himself as he now slowed his approach.
Screaming, a lizard clan warrior came charging along his comrades to the left of Rengar. Roaring, he held his ground for the first assailant. Spear first, the warrior leaped and did an overhand stab with his weapon. With amazing reflexes Rengar quickly pulled the spear past himself and thrust his dual Katar through the leather armor it was wearing, deep past the heart it pierced. As quickly as the blade entered the attacker he abducted and reintroduced it's piercing ends into the skull of the second charging reptile. Whilst the 2 were easily dispatched, the rest formed a ring around Rengar. Easing the blade out and keeping an eye on all of them at the same time, he noticed the elder watching with anticipation. He also noticed his 2 tusks in the hands of another clan-ling who was presenting them before the elder.
Rengar growled.
leaping with exploding ferocity, the nearest lizard warrior raised it's buckler and succumbed to the onslaught of the savage fury that was Rengar. The remaining 3 warriors began to time their attacks, hoping to catch the large hunter off guard. The thrust of a spear. Dodged. The swing of a blade. Dodged. The same spear. Dodged again. A different spear. Deflected.
Rengar knew he could not keep this up as the cliff was nearing his retreat. Leaping far back, the Lizards took this as opportunity to gain extra ground on the pridestalker.
Unfortunately for them, they couldn't jump as high as Rengar, and thus were forced to spread out around the tree that he was in. He began to leap quickly with lizard pack in close pursuit on the ground. All the while the lizard elder walked away with what sounded like laughter. A sting to his ears, he became infuriated. Timing his jumps he managed to see that one of them was a little to far ahead of the others. He readied his bola, and on the 3rd branch he jumped on, he would strike.
One. Bola ready.
Two. Spinning the apparatus.
He zoomed like an arrow from Ashe's bow from the sturdy tree, whipping him fast in the direction of the first lizard man. He threw his Bola just above his first target while in mid air, snaring the second, forcing the poor warrior to lose his posture and fall. In response, the first warrior shielded itself from the bola, only to be sliced in half at the waste. building upon the already incredible momentum, he pounced from the snared lizard, first sinking his dual Katar into it, then onto the third and final target who's shield exploded into splinters and pieces of wood from the incredible kneecap of Rengar. Upon looking at the bloodshed created in the single furious charge something primal took over and he let out a great roar. Both to exemplify his dominance and to let out the anger of the situation. Shortly after, he took the heads of the lizards and piked them all on one of their spears.
I will get you one day, and wrap your skin around MY tusks he thought as he slammed the spear's base into the ground near the unfinished meal of the lizard elder.
What now.
It was unlikely that he would ever find tusks that big again. Let alone that pristine.
Mammoth tusks he had, but in comparison to a boar that size... they could not be replaced.
Thinking back to the offer that awaited him in Noxus, he pondered awhile. Although he was dealing with Noxians, he would find out what they wanted. Given that Darius came to him in person, it must be of extreme delicacy.
And would come to extreme costs, he thought.
Within a moments notice, he headed to Vinesworth for the journey.


The sound of an exploding mushroom went off as Teemo surveyed the surrounding jungle for another ambush.

"Sounds like they're loving your traps, Teemo", whispered an admirable Tristana.

The Team of Yordles known as the Megling Commandos sat completely hidden in camouflage, awaiting the next command of their leader. After witnessing a mysterious meeting between Darius and Warwick in Zaun, the band of Yordles including Tristana, Teemo and Ziggs were sent out on an espionage mission of interest. Ever since the infiltration and kidnapping from Zaunite agents, Piltover has become quite agitated of late from it's competitive, power-driven nemesis city. It seemed that even Bandle City was not immune from this act of war, as recruits and requests poured in to the Megling Commando divisions. And for good measure; Zaun and it's ally Noxus were up to something, and when two of the most power driven city-states plan, people should worry, if not, be compelled to act.

"They're going to love this next one, right Ziggs?", Teemo checked to make sure his questionable partner was focused.

Ziggs giggled. "oh yeah baby... one press of this button-ONE PRESS!", the Yordle whispered loudly in a quick, high pitched tone, "and the show begins...hehehe"

The squad was waiting eagerly in a bush near a clearing and a cliff with a hundred meter drop. Ziggs and Tristana, along with other members, began working on an emergency ambush site in response to getting caught by Noxian scouts the night before, suffering no casualties. The ground was rigged to blow and give out, and would create a miniature avalanche of dirt and rock into the rushing rapids below. All they needed was bait.

"Private Axel, get ready to move...", Tristana whispered.

The Yordle, pumping himself up on the word of the command, took a pre-sprinting stance. With their eyes on the emerging Noxians who were having a bout of coughs from the trap earlier, Tristana gave the hand motion-command and the eager-to-prove-himself Yordle bolted near the edge of the cliff, running along the edge as if looking for an escape route. The Noxians caught on and while recovering slowly, started sprinting towards their target. The Yordle feigned panic and ran for the brush in the distance, near the cliff. Unknowingly, the ill-fated Noxians charged.

"oooooo here we go here we go HERE WE GO!", Ziggs whispered through clenched teeth.

The Noxians were in picture perfect position as Ziggs cried in his high pitch voice, "HERE'S FOR TRYING TO SHOOT US WITH ARROWS YEH SONS OF -"

The ground exploded just meters in front of them, and the resulting earth shifted causing the suprised Noxians to fall with the crumbling earth. Their screams followed soon after.
Lightly covered in dirt and with Ziggs cackling maniacally, the group moved out and recovered with private Axel.

"Front row seats! My kind of show!", Tristana exclaimed.

In being alone for most missions, Teemo found his new company to be a surprising change for the better. He managed to crack a smile at the comment.

"Serves them right, the Noxian *******s", a private said while on the move, caressing his arm where the arrow the night before pierced him.

"Now we have to report back to Piltover and tell them of this odd meeting", Teemo reflected to the squad, leading the way through the rugged landscape, and back to friendly civilization.

"Warwick and Darius...never a good sign outside the League. Makes you think what's going down in Valoran today." Tristana stated. "Whatever happens, we'll be ready for them. Demacia won't sit by idly while their enemies scheme about. Fan out. 5 meter spread. No noise."


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Sorry for the delay, but unforeseen change in the LoL lore, namely the entry of Kha'zix, has put an enormous rut in the story I had originally planned, involving Cho'gath. Have to make a new storyboard and everything. I find Kha'zix too important to leave out and his relation to the void. So in the future i will have more content. peace.

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Very nice!!! Will wait for more!

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just bumpin